Aug 28, 2016
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Hello everyone!

I've just recently picked up a 3DR Solo. Its not my first drone I currently own 2 Parrot Bebop 2 Power. I've been using them for creating web content videos and some photography. Here's my Vimeo page with a ton of content all created with the Bebop 2

I bought a Solo for the payload abilities. Im currently working with a Z Camera Micro 4/3 and 2 YI Action Cams. I've owned it now for only 24hours and so far both camera will allow for streaming through the regular Solo App.

I see the Solo in providing the ability to get really HD shots, not being that far away and setting the Solo up in a position where it does not have to maneuver extremely fast, really crisp clear with the higher end cameras attached to it & the Bebop 2 for long range, fast follow cams and indoor shooting.

My questions for all of you and respectfully in your knowledge to share which I hope to somehow return the favors are:

Antenna up-grades for long distance shooting.

Solex, Side Pilot, etc - current using the Solo app with no problems but ive read a bunch of mixed reviews.

Upgrades and software upgrades?

I really am happy with the product in the past 24 hours and I just want to be able to keep using this platform as long as I can. I know 3DR customer service isnt really there and so for software upgrades etc, Im realizing its on me for this.

So in a perfect world, what would be your advice in creating an adaptable drone with the 3DR as my base platform?
Just for Starters a 3DR Gimbal with a GoPro HERO 4 Black and Solex (works with a wide variety of android devices) and you will have the best Platform for the SOLO..It's the best way to go on the SOLO its designed for getting that "shot" plus a whole lot more....Yes you can use Tower, Side pilot, mission planner etc etc.

As far as antennas do a search it will bring up countless threads on the subject, but you can only go so far as the SOLO is limited to its battery..
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The gimbal, hero4 Black with flat lens is the best solo gets.
There are some that have a hero5/6 flying on solo with a Storm32 gimbal but you have to be comfortable hacking things up a bit

one guy that I know of got the Zcam on a solo with a walkera gimbal.
I think flight time took a hit but it works

He has several videos on his channel
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I am going a different route, but it is not a cheap solo
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