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    Need software update

    Have a message on my controller to update the software to the latest version but when I go to the website it no longer exists. Is the software update available elsewhere?
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    Filmer with New Solo

    Hello everyone! I've just recently picked up a 3DR Solo. Its not my first drone I currently own 2 Parrot Bebop 2 Power. I've been using them for creating web content videos and some photography. Here's my Vimeo page with a ton of content all created with the Bebop 2 I...
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    software updates on a re-furb?

    I'm trying to set-up a refurbished Solo that has been in the box for months since 3DR sent it back. I've gone through several set-ups before, but this time the update process to link the controller with the Solo just keeps showing it's in progress - for an hour now. Is 3DR even still doing updates?
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    Update and factory reset issue.

    So during my last software update my drone froze. I was told to complete a factory reset but the drone will not reset either. The LEDs stay green and do not cycle. Has anyone else run into this? I'm extremely frustrated as I am going to Hawaii in 2 days and now have a drone that can't be reset.
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    Has anyone else had a RMA with their Solo and gimbal? And how long did this take? Not sure what to expect. My gimbal would not work right out of the box, noir up date... Not showing up in app. Wire connector damaged at the GPS = no sat. Out of the box Autopilot software not showing up in app...
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    1.3 software update GoPro settings menu

    cant seem to access my hero4 black GoPro settings. Record button works but can't access GoPro menu. I see the tab below the record button but it won't open up. Using android. Don't see any instructions for update on 3dr website. What am I missing??? Thanks
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    Solo Gimbal won't work after 1.3 update

    My friend (unfortunately I do not have Solo by my own ;) ) received his Solo and gimbal few days ago. First preflight update went without of any problems - I think it was 1.2.x version(the last one before 1.3) He perform it with iPhone 5s. Afterwards everything was working perfect. He even...