1. 2

    Filmer with New Solo

    Hello everyone! I've just recently picked up a 3DR Solo. Its not my first drone I currently own 2 Parrot Bebop 2 Power. I've been using them for creating web content videos and some photography. Here's my Vimeo page with a ton of content all created with the Bebop 2 I...
  2. C

    New Pilot Here

    Love photography, love the outdoors, and now want to capture from above. I have been watching with intrigue the progression of technology with drone photography. I am so excited to get started. Peace, Mickey
  3. Ed Beck

    Artistic use of drones in photography

    I think that the bottom has dropped out of the market, and to be honest I'm seriously thinking of packing it in and getting back to artistic work. I've been talking with another photographer about the applications of a drone with artistic photography. I keep getting hung up on the fact that I'd...
  4. M

    Colin Smith's new book

    The Photographer's Guide to Drones by Colin Smith Has anyone here had the chance to review Colin Smith's new book? I see three reviews on Amazon but the book has not launched yet so I wonder how accurate the reviews are. A lot of presale reviews tend to be biased. I respect Colin but have...
  5. Maddog

    Drone & video websites

    While surfing around this evening I stumbled upon 3 websites I had never heard of before. Two of them deal extensively with drone stuff and the third with photography/videography & drone stuff. Some of you may already be familiar with them- looks like a lot of good information. Drone Coalition...
  6. A

    Aerial Media - Money Making Opportunity with your Drones:

    Hi everyone: My team, located in California, is working on a company that some of you may be interested in. We are building a network that connects real estate agents and agencies with experienced drone hobbyists who can produce high quality footage. Our company provides a unique chance for...
  7. L

    ENJOY everyone !!!

    THIS ISNT TO CAUSE A ARGUMENT!!! Below is a video I shot this past weekend! Edited in adobe premier pro.
  8. Kevin Cain

    Solo for Egyptology

    It's really useful to photograph walls and columns at Egyptian temples in a fairly dense grid; we've built a custom 12m pole that allows us to do that, as seen in this picture: My question is whether a 3DR drone such as the Solo can...
  9. N

    Missing Solo App Festures

    So I am a new user here, as well as a new Solo operator. There are 3 features that is missing from the Solo app, and wondering what are people's work around. 1. Switching from Video to Images. When flying, you can't switch from recording video to taking pictures. Only way to do so is...