Aerial Media - Money Making Opportunity with your Drones:

Feb 14, 2016
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Hi everyone:

My team, located in California, is working on a company that some of you may be interested in. We are building a network that connects real estate agents and agencies with experienced drone hobbyists who can produce high quality footage.

Our company provides a unique chance for real estate agents to showcase home listings through the power of aerial video and photography instead of the traditional still pictures and low-resolution images. We make it our goal to provide unique marketing material that will captivate attention. In the future, we may expand to other industries.

On the other hand, this could be a great opportunity for drone hobbyists like you all. Instead of only using your drones for recreation and other purposes, you will receive financial compensation for your work. Of course, we need to assure that our drone pilots are certified, experienced, and responsible.

Since this project is still being developed, we wanted to see if there was enough interest in this idea. Whether you’re extremely passionate about aerial media, or if you just want to earn some money, I highly encourage anyone who has interest in this project to fill out the following form:

We will contact you shortly. I look forward to working with you all!

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