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  • does anyone know how to take the training wheels off the solo to allow it to go above 400 feet?

    I hate to dig out my old junker DJI to get the real estate shots I need that limit is really stupid
    a drone responsible people .. birds fly higher than 400 feet frustrated I love solo over dji but limitations affects business
    Good day! Are you familiar with a quick fix for this scenario. The battery always indicates -1% even though the battery was just fully charged or has enough. I could not FLY just for the fact the battery is at -1% on the Solo APP, but battery lights are full or more than needed. Thank you!
    >>We sit dead in the water for a couple days back in my Navy days (fire on board)

    Hi Pyrate,

    I can't say that my years as a navigator in the Navy floating around the Atlantic & Med have exactly proved valuable in my subsequent civilian career. I didn't find a lot of jobs for navigators in the want ads. [g]
    You might want to first look at jobs for Operations Department for the Navy. Secondly, as a Navigator, you might want to look for jobs with the Coast Guard dealing with AoN, ECDIS systems policy and requirements. also, NGA always looking for Geospatial Analyst that can perform in the Maritime Department that assists in DNC creation, working on Paper Charts and Navigation Aids and or NtMs.
    I was reading the post about the Peau Productions 3.97mm lens. I recently installed the lens on my G4 hero Black. I though it was mostly in focus but when I reviewed the footage, it was grainy. Do you have any recommendations on how to focus the lens? Best and Thank you!
    Hi Pyrate... thanks for your reply on the lidar... how do I do the security check as I have no facebook page? Thanks, -Mike
    you have to have a facebook account
    I am not a fan, I just keep my friend list down and my posts private to my friends. Lots of good stuff on FB, many of the 3DR folks very active there. That was Philip Rowse on the Lidar, granddaddy of the pixhawk 2 that is about to be released outside solo on other platforms
    Check out the Facebook Pages devoted to Solo and Pixhawk. I also just got an X8. They value contributing members there
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