1. G

    Opensolo 4.0 GoPro connectivity issues

    I just installed opensolo 4.0 via Solex app on my 3DR Solo. No issues, everything went like clockwork.... However, when flying the connection between my gimbal/GoPro cuts in and out suddenly. Occasionally says “gimbal. not found” mid flight. Ultimately, video is extremely choppy, then cuts out...
  2. 2

    Filmer with New Solo

    Hello everyone! I've just recently picked up a 3DR Solo. Its not my first drone I currently own 2 Parrot Bebop 2 Power. I've been using them for creating web content videos and some photography. Here's my Vimeo page with a ton of content all created with the Bebop 2 I...
  3. P

    Video Processing Software

    I am starting to look into video editing software to clean up videos I'll be taking of real-estate. Does anybody have a favorite software? Thanks in advance.
  4. NJumper

    Video Questions

    Hello everyone, please bare with me, I am BRAND NEW to flying drones, and the 3DR Solo is my first drone. I love how easy it's been learning how to fly it, and how nicely it responds to commands. My question is about video capture? Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place for this...
  5. Redcon1

    Hero3 Black/Solo gimbal should have video. Right?

    It's just a Hero3 Black, not a +, I have confirmed that the camera works on my TV and I have video if I bypass the gimbal and connect straight to the motherboard via the HDMI cable. When the gimbal is thrown in, I just get black screen. To be clear, brand new from the box gimbal, never got a...
  6. jimloss

    CyberLink Photo and Video Editing Software

    Any opinions on CyberLink's PowerDirector and PhotoDirector applications? They have a bundle deal that ends up being only $90 with coupon code: CyberLink Coupon Code: WEB10P
  7. R

    New to Solo, just went to Germany and took it with me (Video)

    Hey guys, So I got a 3DR Solo a couple months ago and have been flying it every chance I got. When my wife got a work opportunity in Germany for a few weeks and wanted me to meet her over there I decided I should look into taking my drone and so I though I'd share my experience here. It was...
  8. Tbrereton

    SidePilot iOS GCS for Solo, PX4 and APM

    Hi guys! SidePilot version 1.20 has just been released with some great new features, including Solo video! Solo video support - Including GoPro shutter/mode control! Follow Me - Follows your iOS Device Pre-Flight checklist current weather (wind & temp) - Gives you the most current weather...
  9. Bostonh2o

    GoPro issues

    my GoPro and solo with gimbal have been working with out problems, but all of a sudden the GoPro keeps beeping and the red light keeps flashing, on my phone the video shuts off and then comes back on while its beeping. any ideas ??
  10. Ivan Riobla

    Third time flying the Solo / Low Light mini test

    (The video is on facebook so they compress different from youtube but you can still see it in 1080p is not that bad.) Well for some reason my Hero3+ black is not sending the live feed to the remote so im just doing some small test getting familiar with the drone experience. Many people is...
  11. FinniKris

    *New* Tinker Time Treehouse

    Hello 3DR Pilots! I've posted a new Tinker Time Treehouse episode on YouTube and I think people will enjoy it. I made a departure towards longer explanation videos for a few instalments and people have been asking that I make the videos more like the Neo- M8N GPS Video that I posted a few...
  12. F

    Video not transmitted to controller while recording.

    Not sure what am doing wrong. Solo/Go pro 4 transmitting video to LG tablet while on the ground, but after ascending in altitude there is no video on the tablet. Video in camera records normally in flight. Camera WiFi turned off, video mode, 30FPS, 1080 wide. I have WiFi from Solo on the tablet...
  13. S

    Tower Live Video Feed Missing

    Hello! Recently I installed Tower ver. 4.0 on both of my Android devices (Android ver. 4.1.2 and 4.0.4). Till then I used 3DR Solo App on my IPhone 6, IOS 10.0.2, which is still working fine. Unfortunately I could not get a live video feed on Tower on both Android devices. I have checked the...
  14. FinniKris

    Skateboarding from Above

    I’m posting only 7 days after the first 3DR Solo video with… yes…you guessed it, another one! Thank you for your support and for viewing the last one :) I’ve taken from comments and suggestions and I believe this one is even better. Faster cuts, more action, syncing with the music, and a...
  15. Mattdaddy71

    Greetings from Central Florida

    Greetings everyone, can't wait to meet you. Check out my website for some of my works: Home - Matthew Wagner I have a few questions I'm hoping to find answers to within this forum. First and foremost, I've just never had any luck getting my GoPro 4 Black to work with the 3DR Solo. The Solo is...
  16. keads

    New to Solo. Test Video. How Does it Look?

    Hello Friends of Solo! I took some test footage a few weeks ago and I wanted to hear your thoughts. I've read a lot about vibrations showing up in video, bad HDMI cables, and bad gimbals. I was hoping you could provide some feedback on this short clip; does everything seem to be functioning as...
  17. hblanken

    HDMI connection and processing of video stream

    Does anyone know whether a live HDMI video stream by another actioncam such as the latest Garmin, Sony, Nikon would be picked up by the 3dr onboard computer? Imagine I connect one of these actioncams (so I don't want to connect a GoPro) - these cameras all claim to have live HDMI video out - to...
  18. A

    Live video feed cuts on takeoff

    Hi all. I have a new Solo with gimbal. My camera is a Hero 4 Black. When I first flew the Solo last week I had no problem with the video feed but I could not control the camera remotely, and the camera had locked up when I went to disconnect it. A firmware update of the GoPro fixed that...
  19. S

    Lake Erie @ Sunset

    Here is video of Lake Erie "shores" @ sunset shot a few weeks ago on my Solo/ GPH4 Black. (Port Clinton, OH) Produced with Power Director 14. No color or smoothing adjustments made. Made some video speed adjustments for effect. Shot in 4K/30fps with Polar 'polarized' filter, produced in...
  20. Bamboo Farmer

    Space Station Sunset - Appelton, WI

    Spent some time working in Appelton, WI and couldn't help myself when I saw this most interesting building. Truth be told, it's not a space ship, it's Thrivent Financial's headquarters building, but one can dream...right?