1. G

    Opensolo 4.0 GoPro connectivity issues

    I just installed opensolo 4.0 via Solex app on my 3DR Solo. No issues, everything went like clockwork.... However, when flying the connection between my gimbal/GoPro cuts in and out suddenly. Occasionally says “gimbal. not found” mid flight. Ultimately, video is extremely choppy, then cuts out...
  2. Saijin_Naib

    FS: 2x Freedom360 ND8; 2x Freedom360 GoPro Hero3/4 aluminum front plate heatsink

    For sale I have two sets of ND8/front plates (heatsinks) from Freedom360. The ND8 filters are NiSi glass in an aluminum frame with a set-screw to secure it to the lens barrel of the Hero3/4 cameras. The front plates are machined aluminum and come with heatsink compound and a spudger to remove...
  3. S

    Gopro hero 3+ silver compatible with Tower?

    Hello all, When using the Tower app on a tablet, there is an option for a variety of gopro cameras, such as the hero 3+ silver. I know the gimbal only allows full camera control with a 4 black, but I'm not sure about other apps. Does anyone know if the Tower app can trigger this specific...
  4. june03dr

    Solo controller/GoPro bike mount

    Not a low profile setup since the controller is bulky but if you want something sturdy, clean, on a budget this is it. For $3.60 I came up with this. I’m pretty sure it’s been done already haha follow me mode should be cool.
  5. S

    Solo saved from a murky, watery grave!

    Here's my video about salvaging and restoring my Solo and Hero 3+ after they crashed into a freezing river.
  6. JerryB


    Hi guys has anyone experience your 3dr solo move around a little bit when left hovering? Mine moves a little to much it doesn't stay hovering on place, I was wondering if there's a solution to It? Thanx guys!
  7. jbrosolo

    Isolated black videofeed to the gimbal -- what's my next move?

    So i've been having issues with my videofeed appearing on my phone. I just disassembled and tried bypassing the gimbal and was able to get videofeed to appear, so I've isolated the issue to the gimbal. I've double-checked the hdmi & data cable connections to the gimbal and they seem good. The...
  8. jbrosolo

    What GoPro Hero 4 Black firmware should I be using?

    Having videofeed issues -- was told to check my firmware. Apparently there's a version that is best for recording in 1080p? Anyone know what this is and how I can get it on my GoPro (and remove whatever I currently have?) Links to tutorials are much appreciated.
  9. F

    Major video distortion

    Hi, I've read on several threads that action cams with HDMI out work with the Solo, and since a GoPro is a bit spendy, I hoped to use one of these less expensive devices. I hooked the device up to my new Solo, powered up in the recommended order, and was presented with video like the screenshot...
  10. K

    Best GoPro knockoff?

    Hey guys, I just got my first Solo and I'm looking to get a decent GoPro knockoff. I'm seriously considering the GitUp cameras because of how tinker-friendly they are, and I've also looked at the SJCAM SJ4000. Are there any big issues with either of those options? My main concern is: - Does it...
  11. R

    GoPro Hero 4+ Black with two lenses $250

    I am offering a special deal: -- Go pro in very good condition, with battery and charger -- Rectilinear Lens (2.97mm) installed on camera by Peau Productions -- Original fisheye lens also included if you wish to switch back -- gopro odds and ends (nothing special) You pay ship at cost...
  12. P

    Video Processing Software

    I am starting to look into video editing software to clean up videos I'll be taking of real-estate. Does anybody have a favorite software? Thanks in advance.
  13. S

    Remote access to Gopro

    Does the remote start and stop for recording thru the gopro only work when you have the 3 axis gimbal or can it work with just the stationary mount?
  14. tickingheart

    WTB Hero

    Looking for Go pro Hero (Open to types and slightly used if in good condition.) Current zip 26260 :)
  15. V

    GOPRO Compatible Camera with SOLO GIMBAL-GARMIN Ultra

    Hi all, I searched, tried and finally found a 2016 updated 4K camera with all the bells and whistles that attaches to the gimbal: Garmin Ultra. The hdmi port connects to the gimbal, its a little bit of a stretch but I padded the gimbal with foam so the backpack adapter on the gimbal didnt...
  16. Soul Patch Films

    Solo package for sale

    SOLD Solo 2 Gimbals, 1 installed, 1 new in box 4 batteries 2 sets of props Controller and charger Leg ext, counter weights, lens hood Gopro 3 black+ 5 gopro batteries/charger 16gb mem card SOLD
  17. M

    Another gimbal?

    I need a new cheap gimbal for my solo bcause my solo gimbal is freaking out.
  18. M

    gopro freezing... the solution for me

    I've traveled down most if not all of the fixes that don't involve replacing hardware. For me the successful repair was to replace the image sensor. The last no h/w attempt was cleaning the original image sensor connector and the camera connector with electronics cleaner. I didn't want to use...
  19. M

    Solo with ACME VR06 not working

    Hey guys, i just bought the Acme vr06 4k action cam yesterday for my solo (there is a micro hdmi on the camera) but its not working. I plugged into the solo hdmi and i see nothing on my phone. What is the problem?
  20. SteveReno

    GoPro on Weather Balloon Captures an Airliner Flyby at 38,000 FT. @ 462 MPH

    GoPro on Weather Balloon Captures an Airliner Flyby at 38,000 FT. @ 462 MPH