Never Hand-Catch Solo in Air! This could happen to you!

Jul 16, 2015
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'Sparkling City by the Sea"

(Found this on FB)
PLEASE never hand catch A Solo. No matter what you see other's do!)


First Solo 3DR injury? Haha
Grabbed my drone out of the air before it would of crashed into a fence from a low battery... first flight i might add, only had it 1hr.
I think that IF we are ever able to routinely launch Solo from boats, you will see a lot more hand-catches.
I have practiced it, in case I have to do it sometime.
the way I go is with a grill glove on, have solos belly rest in my hand and hold the stick down. It works surprisingly well.

I would not do this routinely it is safer to just land the thing
The thing is he wasn't trying to hand catch it like any other person would... you know, from the bottom. He tried to grab it from the top.

HIs first flight, just taken out of the box. Ignored literally everything. Bypassed all the stickers, notices, warnings, pamphlets, and instructions. Didn't even bother to charge the battery. Then acted surprised when the battery was suddenly getting low. Then had no clue how to handle it since he didn't read anything. Then it started to drift towards a fence since he didn't know how to control it and didn't know what buttons he was even pushing. So he decided the best course of action was to stick his hands in the propellers.

My sympathy is on the same level as whale shit.

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