Have not touched a 3DR solo since they were supported. Do I need to have a PhD to get this girl up? New in the box.....

Sep 23, 2016
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Hi Folks, it's been a LOOONG time sinse I've been around. Like long enough ago that when I was here last, you could buy 3DR parts at Best Buy. And I did. I spent way too much money on 2 birds and a lot of extras. So I flew Bird One for like 6 months with Solex and really loved it. Played with mission planner and was livin the dream.

Well, I got to feeling proficient enough that I started using the old gal to herd ducks. Yup, I stared tending a flock of ducks and a few other fowl with my drone, and thaoght that was great. Fly out to the pond area, find the birds, then escort them home. I let the pond go around the edge and some of the ducks went into some tree/weeds at the edge, so I tried to get above the trees and push em back to open water then to the trail home. Nope, not that day my friends.

One duck kept going below a branch. So I attempted to get under the tree by the brush and you know what happened next. The ducks had that last laugh that day!

Drone one hits some little scrub, she flips into the pond, and sinks...I run to the pond and leap in, find her at the bottom, rush to the house and start working. All looked good for the most part, and had her in the air the next day after cleaning and drying in the rice...

So up she goes, now I'm just gonna take er easy.....Over the grass do a few turns check stuff out, all good...then I decide to fly to the field beside the pond I fly over the barn, and - Silence. Total power loss at like 100' I think - over the metal roof barn. Smashed the old gal so bad I couldn't even save the damn GoPro. Every piece of plastic was bent. Bent bad. Pulled a few pieces out but she's done.

So I take a new job and move for a few years. Time passed, and now it's like 2019 I think. Get online and see that my new in the box bird two has to have a bunch of things done wrt software to her to get her to fly....I don't remember it being that hard before....I remember just installing the junk 3DR stuff then running Solex, and stuff just worked. That was good times back then. So I poke around and somehow start - I'll use an aviation analogy.... "down an airway without a radio no gyro single pilot at night in IFR and heavy turbulance" I think I managed to get Bird two up for a moment or two, but I put her back down, afraid. It wasn't the same any more. Back in the box it went. Until today. SO-

Do I need a PhD in computer science to get this thing working these days? I see it's not worth much on eBay. Is it because it's pretty much impossible for a pleb like me to fly her again? Except for my monkeying around a few years back Bird Two was a virgin... Might I have made things worse by even attempting to do anything with it in 2019? How screwed am I folks? I gotta go to work now, but figured I'd post before I get out the shovel to dig - for the facts and guidance I think I need to get er up. Something tells me I need a bigger shovel and a lot of time and love . A backhoe instead of a spade. And I FULLY expect to be flamed for not reading before posting this time around. Remember I'm the lazy duck herder.
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Watching this post, as I have a "few" Solo's still in the box. I have a couple that flew fine a few months ago. No idea what firmware I have, it's been a long time, and I'm an old fart. Been thinking about knocking off the cob webs, and trying some "mission planner" stuff. Never did that before, and is one of the neat things about the Solo's.
Thanks Frank! I used to be an old fart, but when I look at the solo over there, I think I'm an old shart. Maybe poking around might motivate me to get bird two up and running. I loved the 3DR in the day. I felt like i was really flying something worth the trouble it should have gotten me into lol. It was like a dog that I could control running without a leash. Altitude? Nightflight? Whats that?
Hello can anyone help me ??? After long time when I take out my 3DR solo drone yesterday 3DR solo app was no longer available oN IOS. Please anyone can help and recommend any app for IOS plate-form.

Hello can anyone help me ??? After long time when I take out my 3DR solo drone yesterday 3DR solo app was no longer available oN IOS. Please anyone can help and recommend any app for IOS plate-form.

Load Side Pilot app and it will work fine
Hi guys, I have had my Solo for several years. I have never loaded any of the third party software ie. Solex, Sidepilot etc. etc. I run my bird on stock software and the original Solo app downloaded to my android phone via the Google Play Store. I have never had any issues with any of it. I focus intensely on following the "KISS" method (Keep it simple stupid) and that normally works for me. Now granted, I am not an expert drone user and all of the programming mod info on this site although very interesting still baffles the snot out of me, I do use my Solo on a fairly regular basis for search and rescue missions (of larger downed model aircraft) to great success. I just don't over complicate it. Hope this helps?
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