New to Drones. Purchased a 3DR Solo that is sitting in the box

Jun 13, 2022
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Hi There,
I just purchased a 3DR solo in market place. The guy who sold it to me never got it out of the box. I generally do not go for marketplace items but got very tempted as I heard positive things about Solo before. All I was thinking is get the drone, charge the battery, connect the GoPro and fly. But I soon realized that the company went out of business and there is no support at all. I did read a bit in the forum and understand that I can install open solo using side Pilot app and fly the drone. But I am still left with so many queries.

1) People are talking about upgrading GPS, if it helps, I would like to do it as well. Can some one suggest what GPS card I need to order and the steps to replace the GPS on the 3DR solo.
2) Changing of Antennas... Please suggest the alternate antennas to order and the steps to change the antenna.
3) Making the 3DRSolo green cube.

I intend to do all the above things by myself but I am now scared that I might damage the Solo itself in the process. So I would like to know if anyone can assist me with all of the above changes for a fee.

Thank you.
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Green cube, changing antenna and GPS are not necessary. Start by updating to Open Solo 4 using SidePilot. It now works with the original cube. Then check the battery and try a very short flight. This forum is not very active, try Facebook, check You will find very knowledgeable people on that forum and information about batteries.

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