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May 20, 2018 at 8:41 AM
Mar 12, 2016
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May 20, 2018 at 8:41 AM
    1. nvpowerdoc
      Hi P2P, was reading your post over at Github regarding "Manual SD Card Image Install" and I'm looking for the "Open Solo SD Card Image.7z" file to download (also referenced within your post). It says to get it from the "release attachments". So I'm wondering, do I need to join the Github community to access that file?
    2. Boardy
      Hi.I want to first say I'm new at all this.my question is.my 3Dr flipped just on take off.chip 1prop.now it want turn on .just the batt lights go on and then they go off.can you help .it's under 4mo old and I got it new on eBay.anything I can do to fix myself.thanks boards
    3. BAinAK
      Pedals2Paddles - you seem to be quite popular (and knowledgeable). I hope what's left of 3DR pays you for your technical support.
      Are you available (if willing) to talk off this site?
    4. 5r49cfu
      Hello P2P, I need your help.

      Can you look at the log on this post and help me determine why the EKF Variance happened?

      I don’t want to mothball this Solo!


      Thanks a lot!
    5. wheels3321_solo
      Hi How are you? I have a question
      How can i factory reset my solo move the open solo firmware off and put the last updated 3dr solo firmware back on solo?
    6. wheels3321_solo
    7. kcjin
      The conversation message was deleted. Anyway, I tried to run "updateArtoo.sh" several times. The artoo.bin was copied to /home/root. But controller shows that
      > [email protected]_controller:~# updateArtoo.sh
      Can't Init. Ensure that BOOT0 is enabled and reset device. So, I tried to solve..
      Maybe, I guessed that the controller (STM32F1***) is out of order.
      Anyway, thanks for your comments..
      From Jin
    8. Thomannjf
      Pedals2Paddles I have an Solo that hung up (orange light steady) some time ago. I have a solo that crashed some time ago with good SD card and cube. Can I take SD card and cube and put them in hung up done and then update?
    9. Shamfock1
      Hello P2P, Question about install of the Green Cube. I installed the first file using Solex, it appeared to load fine. Did first reboot waited 3-5mins. no joy.
      Rebooted the controller and solo a dozen time this evening no lock. Is there a way to reset the files in Solex to try another download? Or use Mission Pilot for the download? Other then that I'm open to any advice. Thanks Shamfock1
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      2. Shamfock1
        The green cube was installed prior to starting the software installation and initial reboot.
        Sep 1, 2017
      3. Pedals2Paddles
        Well that's why. The instructions very explicitly state not to do that. And this is exactly why. Recovering from this is a pain in the ass. Put the stock cube back in, factory reset the solo and controller, and go through the whole pre-flight update process just as you normally would after a reset. Then start over the upgrade from step one, actually following the instructions this time.
        Sep 1, 2017
      4. Shamfock1
        My Bad, completely overlooked that statement. Thanks for the kick in the Add. All GC files loaded, everything appears to be working. Thanks for the help.
        Sep 2, 2017
    10. artcuda
      Hi. I don't post much, yet read a lot on here. I've gathered you are the HNIC and that's awesome. I do have a question. I've read about pixhawk and a new pixhawk and a green cube and motor issues. THAT'S my main thing.
      Something about a fix for the motors.
    11. mihamil
      Was hoping you might be willing to help me with something. I'm trying to set up the vagrant environment for opensolo but I am receiving an error when running vagrant up that says the guest_ansible provisioner could not be found. Thisnis my first time working with vagrant and ansible so I'm not entirely sure where to go from here. I've tried searching online but didn't find much to help.
      1. Pedals2Paddles
        Before you do vagrant up the first time, you need to do vagrant plugin install vagrant-guest_ansible`
        Aug 8, 2017
      2. mihamil
        That worked. Thank you very much.
        Aug 9, 2017
    12. tinker bot
    13. PaulClement
      After my last post about connecting 3dr solo app to solo and checking that notification is on for solo app it still has about intermittent time finding the vehicle...SEARCHING FOR SOLO... any suggestions about step by step startup procedures. Thank you
    14. dorniiif
      Hey P2P - Have you ever heard about: ( www.flylitchi.com TAB: MISSION HUB )- Not sure if compatible with "SOLO" ( Site seems to for DJI usage) ??? BUT, seems to be a great site for previously flown drone flight in areas unknown to travelers. Currently planing a trip to New Jersey - Plan to use flylitchi.com to locate an area to fly. Check it out ! Interested in your opinion !
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