Mar 22, 2017
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I have never run across this problem on this Solo of mine in many years of flying them since my first one in 2016 and am hoping somebody can suggest what the problem is and hopefully a fix.

I purchased this particular stock Solo a few years ago from Just Bruce on this forum and while I have a couple other birds with Open Solo 4, I actually like the Solo app better, specifically the Smart Shots. I have an iphone 6s that has the Solo App on it which I always use when flying this particular Solo. It had, and still is running everything stock except that I added the improved mRo GPS upgrade after I got it from Just Bruce. I find that the Solo app Smart Shots work better than the ones provided on Sidepilot. Sidepilot doesn’t even have the Selfie Smart Shot which works really well for my application, which is doing videos for real estate.

In any event, I hadn’t flown it for a little while and after starting it up and getting up in the air about 20 feet from me, the controls froze. A lot of things happened in a hurry and I hope I have them all here to describe to everyone. Neither stick would make Solo do anything. It just sat (loitered) in one spot about 15-20 off the ground and about the same distance in front of me. I pushed the A button to switch to manual control which worked for a few seconds but then the controller showed a couple of different messages. It showed “Brake”, then “Rewind” as it moved over to my left about 10 feet and continued to loiter. The controller was giving the repeated vibration signal. I checked the Solo Manual and can’t find anything that details what the controller “vvvvv vvvvvv” vibration signal is for. Perhaps for low battery warning? It would not stay on Manual control. It would change back to “Fly” in a matter of one or two seconds, without any input from me whatsoever. I remember watching it say “Manual” and then literally in a second, it would say, “Fly”. In the middle of all this panic happening, the weak battery in the bird had dropped in power dramatically and I was bound I was going to get it back on the ground. I would press the A button to get back to Manual control and managed to get it on the driveway I’d taken off from but it wouldn’t stay down. It went back up about 2 feet up. At this point I intentionally got it to move a couple of feet to the left in one of the short times on Manual control, where there was lawn and I lowered it as it moved, causing it to catch the grass with the legs and flipped over on its back and killed the motors. Not even a scuff to the props happened except for a bit of grass to wipe off them, so physical harm done to the Solo.

Can anybody help or suggest what might be happening?

Many thanks in advance.

I'd be happy to comply if I had Mission Planner and knew how to find and get the log bin.

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