Dec 30, 2015
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How man telemetry logs does Solo give you access to? I've never seen more than 10 saved on the Solo when I actually log into the Solo's computer. I use use WinSCP to log into the remote ( When I log into the actual aircraft ( there are no tlogs. The android tablet however does store more than 10, but if you lose connection during a flight you end up with gaps in your tlogs.

I primarily do mapping so having access to all of the tlogs is very important to me. Some of our larger sites require more than 10 Solo flights. It slows down collection if I have to stop in betweeen flights to download logs. And correct me if I'm wrong, but from the looks of some of the file sizes, even brief power ons record a log file.. which in turn pushes an actual flight log one file closer to being overwritten.

Any information on this would be much appreciated! Screen shot of my /log folder attached.

Bonus problem - Has anyone successfully connected their Mac to Solo's WiFi link? My mac recognizes the Solo_link network but it won't connect.

Bonus problem 2 - My Solo's log time is off by 7 hours. Anyone know why?
I have same question about Solo wifi and a Mac.

Laptop "sees" the signal, and "connects" but the connection is extremely weak even with controller and solo a few feet away, re: signal indicator just blinks like it is trying to establish a connection.

solo saves the last 10 telemetry logs on the controller and the last 3 telemetry logs on solo.

there was supposed to be a code change that allowed solo to ignore powerups and only log actual flights. so maybe that never got implemented.

the latest firmware update includes keeping a separate log when you fly auto missions that include camera controls. i'm not sure how many logs are kept though and i haven't tested it yet.
They're also supposed to be dumping the actual flashdata logs to the controller at some point, too. I'm not sure how many flashdata logs you can retrieve, but it might be more than the tlogs, and flashdata logs can be converted to tlogs in Mission Planner.
Thanks for the info!

As for the Mac WiFi issue.. I received this from 3DR Support:

"As the sololink doesn't broadcast the internet is common that the computers detect it as a limited connection or like in this case (Apple) the connection icon stays as if it was trying to connect ("endlessly"), please ignore this and proceed to launch the terminal as instructed in the guide."

This worked for me. I selected the sololink WiFi network then completed the following steps successfully. It looks like the Mac is still trying to connect but it actually is connected to Sololink once you select it. The WiFi icon continues to indicate that it is searching for something because it doesn't find the internet.

(The following is a copy and paste from somewhere on the internet....)
Downloading using SCP (Mac/Linux)
SCP is a great end-user tool for downloading the logs because it is available by default from the terminal on Mac OX and many Linux distributions (including Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS).
The main steps for getting the logs are:

1. Turn on the Solo Controller and Solo and connect your computer to the Solo WiFi network.
The default name of the Solo Controller network is "SoloLink" and the default network password is "sololink". You may have changed these during your initial setup.

2. Open a Terminal (on Mac OSX this can be found in Finder under menu: Go | Applications | Utilities | Terminal).

3. Enter the following commands into the terminal to create directories for the logs and copy the files:

mkdir solo controller
scp [email protected]:/log/* ./solo
scp [email protected]:/log/* ./controller

Answer "yes" if prompted to confirm the authenticity of the host.

Enter the following password (case-sensitive) when prompted: TjSDBkAu

4. Wait for the transfer to complete.

That' it. All of the log files were automatically downloaded to two new directories on my computer that were created in the terminal command. After you complete this go look in your finder in your user location for "controller" and "solo"

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