1. S

    HELP!!! I Need antennae!

    I need a rear leg antenna. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  2. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  3. B

    Use Solo's GPS as Mock Location

    Hey been looking all over the internet for an answer.... I'm trying to find an app that will allow me to collect Points Lines or Polygons using the solo's gps location. So I can fly a road, being able to start and stop a line to be used in a GIS later. Or fly over a fence corner/some object and...
  4. D

    Solo Gimbal shake on yaw

    I bought a Gimbal for my 3DR Solo a couple of days ago new from Amazon. I tested it for a first time today and realised that there is a nasty shake on the yaw, I have tried moving any cables that could be touching the Gimbal away from it, factory resetting it and re calibrating everything on the...
  5. Mike Boland

    WTB - Solo Gimbal, Australia

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a replacement gimbal for my Solo?
  6. M

    3DR Solo extended life battery

    does anyone know where I can find an extended life battery for the 3DR Solo quadcopter?
  7. C

    Solo is turning off Automatically after one motor gives "pop" sound

    Guys, I bought a brand new Solo from B&H. Yesterday I opened that and updated the system as instructed and then started it. First I hold the Fly button and motors started and then I hold Fly button again to fly. (Did this first time without props on, i wanted to test it). When I press and hold...
  8. D

    IMU replacement - Green Cube?

    Good day All, I think I have an IMU going bad, the Solo asks for level calibration every other flight most days. I've been reading posts on the Green Cube, but I still have some questions (very basic questions, please bear with me). It seems that I will need to use Solex after the switch...
  9. I

    Nexus 7 (2013 - 2nd Gen) 16GB - Mint - $100

    Selling my Nexus 7. I used it with my Solo for awhile, but I just upgraded to a Nvidia Shield K1. The Nexus is in great condition, no scratches or scuffs. It has always had a screen protector installed, and has no scratches on the screen (or protector) at all. It includes the factory micro-USB...
  10. A

    Solo GUIDED mode from remote / other options

    Hi all, How could I set the solo to guided mode? Preferably from the remote, if not, what other options are there? Thanks. Alex.
  11. U

    3DR tethered flight

    Hi all, first post. I'm running a uni project where I need to prototype using a tethered solo. I managed to get the drone to boot using a power supply, but it refused to fly, and the controller software seemed to become a little glitchy in the process. Any idea what sort of hardware setup i...
  12. J

    2 solos 2 gimbals updated GPS 6 batteries etc for sale Seattle Portland

    I'm selling my complete setup! in Seattle/Portland area - 1 solo and gimbal has never been flown!!, still in the box only opened to use the battery charger for my 6 batteries. I have extra props, the solo backpack and 2 controllers. I updated 1 of the solos GPS (Mro ublox) to recveive Glonass...

    TO ALL YOU LEADS - whether you're FEMALE or MALE

    I have the connection you want in making friends whether you support ardupilot or the fancies that stand together and crap on ideas of others here's a connection for you all 3DR Battery Connector Sale! if you prefer to throw your money away... 3DR Solo Electrical Interface Molex Connectors...
  14. G

    Flir camera on Solo

    Hello, I need a cable to power the FLIR VUE PRO from Solo. Does anyone know where I can get a cable? And how to connect it? Can a fixed support be installed to put the FLIR camera? Thank you!
  15. B

    Solo GPS revA on SP racing F3 flight controller

    I have a revA gps laying around that I replaced with a newer board on my solo. I am wondering what the process would be or if its even possible to use the revA gps module on a SP racing F3 flight controller or any other flight controller for that matter. I have a custom quad that would benefit...
  16. AWRC

    [AUCTION] Solo with Backpack, Upgrades and Gimbal - Bid starts at $135

    The complete solo package with a lowepro backpack, solo, gimbal, and extra battery. The upgrades installed are the mikrotik r11e wifi cards, and the mRo GPS upgrade. The drone is also running open solo version 3.0. EBAY LINK : 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone with Gimbal UPGRADED (READ DESCRIPTION) |...
  17. M

    Connect FLIR DUO to 3DR Solo

    Hi, The FLIR DUO has a USB connector for getting power and sending video, and two PWM connectors for controlling the camera. ( 1. Can these connectors be connected to the 3DR Solo as is (accessory bay)? Or do I need an extra part for this? 2. Can I access the...
  18. D

    1 3DR solo, 1 unopened gimbal, 3 extra batteries, 1 backpack & more

    Will be selling this as a package. The 3DR solo is lightly used, probably flown them < 15 times. I am just not using my drone anymore so I'd like them to go to someone else who can better utilize them. 1 3DR solo with gimbal installed, charger + controller 1 unopened gimbal 1 opened extra...

    Build Quality.....

    since I now have my own issues with a perfect flying setup- TWO I might add- totalling $375 for a single SOLO revB with FPVLRs in an OEM backpak and a broken propped Solo revA with gimbal- both working!!! after making the mistake of placing the bird WITH GIMBAL on sport mode in a wide open...
  20. J

    Solo Gimbal axis inverted

    Hi all, Just got myself a solo with gimbal, after the normal faff of trying to get it to stream to the app ive now noticed that the gimbal seems to be inverted... on tilting the drone forwards the gimbal will roll the camera, on rolling the drone the gimbal will tilt. It's also doing the...