mission planner

  1. L

    Greencube and Mission Planner

    Hello, I use my 3DR solo with a recently and successfully upgraded greencube and I use Mission Planner as my primary GCS software. When I connect to the solo, it says that there is an update for ArduCopter 3.5.5 and I then 'updated' my Open Solo version to 3.0.0, yet the message still shows. I...
  2. june03dr

    Help !! With mission planner

    Help! I connected my solo to mission planner just to balance my motor hubs and now when i connect to the solo app it will say fly but when i hit the fly button it wont do anything and on the solo app it will say my battery is low at like 0% when its actually fully charged. Also i noticed when i...
  3. 3

    Solo swarms - mission planner

    Hello, I have 2 Solos, I'm able to connect them to mission planner individually via UDP. But is there a way I can connect them both at the same time to do some basic swarm operation? I've looked around, I found the ROS option for swarming, but that's really not autonomous. Has anyone tried...
  4. D

    Mission Planner, Solo, and negative Attitudes

    Good day All, I have a questions about Mission Planner altitudes. I need to fly a series of survey missions in a small valley, but the only takeoff locations are pretty high up said valley. I just did a test and Mission Planner will not let me write way points with negative altitudes, and...
  5. A

    Need Help with Mission Planner Parameters on Quad

    OK, so this is a little off topic but I know there are plenty of smart & experienced folks (like @Pedals2Paddles )who haunt this forum who may be able to help. I volunteer about 2 hours a week at the local high school to help three student teams prepare for the AMA UAS4STEM competition. This...
  6. N

    3dr Solo Level Error out of the box

    ISSUE: Received the backpack bundle 3dr solo and when capturing satellites it would give a level error and go back to looking for satellites and give level error again (satellites inside 0 outside 9).Ordered the MRO GPS u-blox Neo M8n/ 3dr solo upgrade($80) and it would capture 15 satellites...
  7. C

    Continuous Calibration Error Upon Fresh Startup - DYI Fix

    I bought this drone from a private party and I am not looking for advice with customer service are trying to get 3dr to repair that drone. I am looking for advance advice with fixing the issue myself; be it changes to the software and its setting or replacement of parts. Ok with that out of the...
  8. CaptainCool

    Solo with GP 3+ Silver Not Taking Flight Plan Pics

    Just got introduced to this site and this is my first post! I'm new to the drone flying world, so it's good to know there are other folks out there to hopefully spread some wisdom. I have a question that's probably pretty simple. When I set up a flight plan in Mission Planner, upload it to my...
  9. T

    Control gimbal with mission planner in automission

    Hello Guys! i'm searching for a way to control the pitch(tilt) of my gimbal during auto missions. The DO_MOUNT_CONTROL function does not work and also experimenting with DO_SET_SERVO didn't succeeded. Has anyone experience with this and can help me along? kindly regards
  10. E

    Odd Solo behavior when connected to Mission Planner

    I received a refurbished Solo after my first one crashed and it was deemed software error by 3DR. I used to download dataflash logs with Mission Planner with my first Solo, but the one I got now displays a strange behavior (see video, only 17 seconds long) when connected to Mission Planner. The...
  11. J

    3DR Solo tlog file storage and Mac WiFi

    How man telemetry logs does Solo give you access to? I've never seen more than 10 saved on the Solo when I actually log into the Solo's computer. I use use WinSCP to log into the remote ( When I log into the actual aircraft ( there are no tlogs. The android tablet however...
  12. B

    Tower or Mission planner

    looking at adapting a solo for Ag use, needing it to fly a survey pattern back and fourth taking pictures. I use a Surface pro 3 with Mission Planner to fly a fixed wing Ag drone It has a pixhawk with a 915 MHz radio this gives it a 2.5 mile range. From the research I've done you can only use...
  13. Maddog

    Solo link error!

    I recently replaced my motherboard and CPU. All is well with the computer. But now I cannot connect with the Solo controller to run a stick calibration or retrieve my logs for Mission Planner. When attempting to connect wirelessly I am asked for the network key so I enter "sololink" as I have...