1. D

    Can 3DR solo be paired with Yuneec cgo3 gimbal + camera?

    I have a Yuneec typhoon 4k, and am purchasing a 3DR solo with pixhawk green cube for mapping. As the Yuneec cgo3 is detachable from the Typhoon, I am wondering if anyone here has experience mounting them on the Solo, and if so how involved the process was and if any parts need to be...
  2. C

    Use 3DR Solo for advanced mapping

    Guys, I have a solo drone. Didn't buy a Go Pro yet or a Gimbal. I need to use solo for mapping. Here are my basic requirements. Calculate distance between 2 points. Calculate area of a selected section. (like area of a forest which hard to measure by ground) Height of a pile of sand and rocks...
  3. McSolo

    IOS Mapping Apps/downloads

    Greetings all! Just joined the group to find out if there are any 3D mapping apps or programs available for the Solo to use with an IOS device? i.e. iPad mini 2 etc. Sorry if it has been covered before but I just can't seem to find any!! Thanks in advance. Regards,
  4. J

    Drone deploy?

    Powerful Drone & UAV Mapping Software | DroneDeploy Does anyone know of an app like dronedeploy for the Solo that does not cost thousands? I which 3DR would adapt their model.
  5. D

    Solo, Sitescan, and viability as an enterprise sUAS

    Background: I am a land surveyor, and I am implementing a sUAS and photogrammetry program with the goal of providing a sUAS for each crew as another tool in their toolbox. We are 100% Autodesk (ACAD) Civil 3D, so 3dr's Sitescan seemed like the perfect fit. We were about to pull the trigger...
  6. R

    Solo, a "commercial" drone, in the news....with Apple. Interesting!

    Interesting article showing the Solo as a "commercial" drone.
  7. L

    GoPro & Tower settings 4 aerial mapping

    I am trying to find the best settings for doing aerial mapping. I understood there are better cameras or even the option to replacel GoPro lens with 5.4mm Peau but I am trying to work with what I have...if possible. So far, I've been testing with DroneDeploy, even though they say seem to...
  8. Ø

    Need some help with Dronedeploy workflow and NDVI interpretation

    I've got a Mapir Survey2 NDVI-camera on one of my Solos, and after some initial testing this summer I spent a few weeks exploring 3D-mapping and general photo flights. My cousin has a wheat farm though, and he's fairly interested in new technology. So I paid him a visit on Sunday to see what we...
  9. E

    Tower + Solo Mapping - Vehicle Heading Hold

    Howdy, maybe a silly question, but I can't find a way to keep my Solo pointing in the same direction during a survey mission planned using Tower. Is there a way to do this in Tower? I'm thinking of an option similar to "Heading Hold" in Mission Planner. Thanks, Peter
  10. U

    Recommendations on mapping equipment and software for future agriculture survey business.

    Hey y'all, just got my solo in the mail last week and I love it! With the new Part 107 rules coming into effect soon, there is a real opportunity to get a jump start in agriculture surveying in my area with UAV's. I've done some research here on google and here on the forums and I apologize if...
  11. franknitty69

    3DR Announces Partnership with Esri; Site Scan Support for Esri Drone2Map

    3DR collaborates with Esri to deliver best-in-class solution for aerial data capture and analytics. Today at the Esri User Conference, 3DR announced that we have teamed up with the world’s leading provider of GIS solutions to seamlessly integrate 3DR’s Site Scan with Esri Drone2Map. Designed...
  12. franknitty69

    3DR Solo and Sony QX1 used in Landfill Surveys Case Study

    On February 20, 2016 McKim & Creed and Garrett & Moore conducted a pilot study at Buffaloe Landfill, a land clearing and inert debris (LCID) landfill south of Raleigh, North Carolina, to explore the efficacy of employing unmanned aerial system (UAS) technology (a.k.a., drones) for landfill...
  13. V

    Solo for mapping

    Hi, I am professional surveyor and want to dig into mapping - photogrammetry with drones. I am considering the Solo and the Phantom 3 as options but have zero experience with the birds. I like the Solo being open source and giving the ability to change cameras etc. but I also like the mature...
  14. M

    Wish List

    I own a Phantom2v2 (not used much now), Solo, and E384 (plane). With the work I should have in the very near future, I really wish I could mix and match payload with platform. Payloads such as GoPro, Point-and-Shoot, mirrorless, Multispectral (i.e. Sequoia), and Thermal (i.e. Flir Vue Pro) to...
  15. franknitty69

    3DR Solo Drone with Site Scan Autodesk Workflow

    Site Scan makes it safer and easier than ever for people in construction, telecom, GIS, mapping, energy, infrastructure and related fields to aggregate and process multiple forms of reality capture data and perform inspections [VIDEO] 3DR Solo Drone with Site Scan Autodesk Workflow
  16. DroneNerd702

    Need sanity check from actual pilots (state plane)

    If you fly real planes, perhaps you can help me do a sanity check. I'm using this tool for my county in conjunction with the county assessor's info to determine property boundaries. GISMO Pick any point of interest and use the drawing tool to place pins on the top left, top right, bottom left...
  17. J

    3DR Solo tlog file storage and Mac WiFi

    How man telemetry logs does Solo give you access to? I've never seen more than 10 saved on the Solo when I actually log into the Solo's computer. I use use WinSCP to log into the remote ( When I log into the actual aircraft ( there are no tlogs. The android tablet however...
  18. M

    Mapping example

    Below is a link to a jpg of a mapping mission. This is a full resolution jpg. It is cropped from original. There were 138 photos used to create the mosaic in Agisoft Photoscan. I was flying at a height of 50...