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    Solex vs Tower for survey mapping

    I have the Solex app and Tower app. I am exploring the pro's and con's of both. In addition , trying to figure out the best settings for the GoPro and Solo speed to capture quality images to be stitched. So on that note below are the questions: 1. What are the pro's and con's of Solex and Tower...
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    Solo for mapping

    Hi, I am professional surveyor and want to dig into mapping - photogrammetry with drones. I am considering the Solo and the Phantom 3 as options but have zero experience with the birds. I like the Solo being open source and giving the ability to change cameras etc. but I also like the mature...
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    3DR Solo tlog file storage and Mac WiFi

    How man telemetry logs does Solo give you access to? I've never seen more than 10 saved on the Solo when I actually log into the Solo's computer. I use use WinSCP to log into the remote ( When I log into the actual aircraft ( there are no tlogs. The android tablet however...