1. A

    The IMU calibration stays on 0 (IMU calibration and compass calibration issues)

    Hi messin' around a couple of hours I finally got Solex and opensolo 4 to work when I try to calibrate the compass it always fails when I try to calibrate the IMU the timer goes down to 0 and stays there, when I press next nothing happens, unless I completely restart the drone and the...
  2. M

    Using Solex with 3DR Solo to fly a path

    I picked up a 3DR Solo really cheap and it came with 4 batteries and a backpack. I quickly uploaded new firmware so it is now running OpenSolo and such. I'd like to be able to fly a path (say my property for a survey) and video it. I can't seem to find instructions or videos for doing this...
  3. A

    Solex for Solo - multi-battery survey missions

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new Solex user (for 3DR Solo drone) and am trying to survey an area that takes a couple of batteries to complete. I posted this question in response to Kelly Schrock's instructions for this (from 8/13/2019) but posing this question for all as well and in case there's any...
  4. S

    Solex and Open Solo 4

    Hello everyone I just bought a 3DR solo and I would like to install open solo 4 with the Solex application. Is it normal that I only see open solo 3 in the update menu ? I have to install open solo 3 before open solo 4 ? Thanks for your help.
  5. S

    Can't arm and launch Solo using Solex

    Hello, I've been having issues when trying to arm and launch the Solo using missions in Solex. Im able to connect to the solo, load the mission into Solex but can't seem to figure out how to send the mission to the Solo, arm and launch it. The mission manual says that once you select the...
  6. S

    Error when purchasing Missions

    I purchased Solex yesterday and directly afterwards, purchased Missions as well. When I open the app on my Nexus 7, Missions doesn't appear in the menu. Can anyone provide some insight as to where I can access Missions? I'm assuming there was a glitch when I purchased it. Solex emailed me both...
  7. C

    Solex Country setting query

    Hi There, I want to make sure that my Solo is set to the UK legal tranmission limits, which I can do in Solex by entering the vehicle settings and setting the Country paramter to European. After hitting apply it does do something as the solo seems to reset, but after re-connecting and looking...
  8. IrishmanPDX

    Solex Survey Question, changing altitude during survey...

    Is there any way to change the altitude of a survey when planning it out? I want to take a survey of a sloped property. So I used the mission planning part of solex, made a take off point, a waypoint to fly to the start of the survey and then put in a survey. I then finish with a return...
  9. K

    Solex Button mapping - not working Solo 3.0.0/Solex v1.6.6

    Not sure where to report this. I'm trying to change the Button mapping on my Solo with Solex. Vehicle is connected and read to fly Current settings Button A is "Alt Hold" (Which shows as 'Manual' on the Controller). Button B is "PosHold" (shows as "Position Hold") Clicking on the mapping...
  10. june03dr

    Solex Flight profile

    So I wanted to try the indoor Flight profile in the solex app again today. I tried this same setting before and noticed it wouldn’t take off inside my home it was just searching for gps So I quit messing with it. Today I tried again thinking maybe I was doing something wrong but nope the same...
  11. Pedals2Paddles

    New Year, New Solo! Open Solo 3.0.0 released

    NEW YEAR, NEW SOLO! Open Solo 3.0.0, the first non-beta stable production release has dropped at 00:00z on January 1, 2018!! Since 3DR open sourced the Solo and controller, many new possibilities have opened up. Combined with the continued development of ArduPilot, the Solex App, and SidePilot...
  12. Pedals2Paddles

    Solex firmware updates menu procedural changes

    The latest version of the Solex app released this week has some procedural changes that affect the firmware updates menu. So I've updated the Solex instructions for Open Solo installs on GitHub. In short, you must connect to the Solo first. That way Solex and can download parameters and verify...
  13. june03dr

    Help with solex

    What’s up guys wanted some help on something. So the problem I’m having is with the follow me modes in the solex app. Every time I select any follow me mode it will not follow me instead it will just hover. So this is the setup. I’m using my iPhone 8 Plus for a hotspot and an LG stylo 3 Plus...
  14. E

    Solex vs Tower for survey mapping

    I have the Solex app and Tower app. I am exploring the pro's and con's of both. In addition , trying to figure out the best settings for the GoPro and Solo speed to capture quality images to be stitched. So on that note below are the questions: 1. What are the pro's and con's of Solex and Tower...
  15. SkyDoctor

    Solex Startup Movie

    Has anyone changed the startup movie on the Solex app. If yes, how did you accomplish it. I tried following the instructions documented in the Solex manual to no avail.
  16. june03dr

    Solex question

    Im new with the solex app i wanted to know if im out on a long distance flight will the solex app determine or give me a warning on how much battery is left to make it back safe?
  17. Redcon1

    Optical Follow on Solex.

    Does Solex care what tablet and/or android version is running it? I'm running Android 4.4 on a Galaxy Tab 4 (nook) and have been having issues with all of the follow me/you/us/that options on the app. But the only one I really care about is the optical. I have tried it out a couple of times but...
  18. Pedals2Paddles

    HERE GPS/Compass parameter packages now in Solex

    If you're doing the HERE GPS/Compass, you can now use Solex to easily set the parameters required for it to work properly. Up until about 20 minutes ago, you would need to dig through the list of 800 parameters in Mission Planner or Tower to find and set the required parameters. This evening I...
  19. John Githens

    Interesting User Interface (UI) situations

    Starting this thread because occasionally one of us discovers a higher probability of making an unfortunate tap/click/selection when using a specific configuration of equipment and software. For example, I have discovered that the terrific Solex app, when used on a Nexus 7 (2013), offers the...
  20. R

    Solex "Flying Locations" in the wilderness??

    I'd like to use the Solex Flying Locations function to pre-plan a route that is in the wilderness and therefore has no streets and therefore no "partial address" as requested in the popup dialog box. I can pull Lat/Lon coordinates off topos or other maps.....but it would also be handy to be...