The IMU calibration stays on 0 (IMU calibration and compass calibration issues)

May 22, 2023
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Hi messin' around a couple of hours I finally got Solex and opensolo 4 to work
when I try to calibrate the compass it always fails
when I try to calibrate the IMU the timer goes down to 0 and stays there, when I press next nothing happens,
unless I completely restart the drone and the transmitter it will not let me try to recalibrate again

is there anything I can do?

I'm sorry if I'm not well-versed on these things
I see a lot of "just follow the directions" as tips but I don't know where I can find information on Solex
I got up until this point following exclusively this post documentation/ at master · OpenSolo/documentation
and other than that all my other information came from here

is this the main community for the solo / solex users? I keep hearing mention of a community for it but I can't find it
if anybody has any tips to try fixing it or can point me in the direction of more information I would be extremely grateful

Thank you
My brother -- I am RIGHT there with you.

I think Solex has a glaring bug in the IMU calibration function. The Next button is unusable, so you're stuck in the first step and can't proceed.
If you have some way to side-load the Original 3DR app APK and run it, the IMU calibration works there.

But it doesn't matter, because Compass Calibration doesn't work either, so we can't fly.

I think this IS the community. I keep hearing Solex has great support but heck if I can find it anywhere. Have you figured out how to contact the author?

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