calibration error

  1. A

    The IMU calibration stays on 0 (IMU calibration and compass calibration issues)

    Hi messin' around a couple of hours I finally got Solex and opensolo 4 to work when I try to calibrate the compass it always fails when I try to calibrate the IMU the timer goes down to 0 and stays there, when I press next nothing happens, unless I completely restart the drone and the...
  2. Y

    Calibration error restart solo

    I need hel wit my 3dr solo. Present calibration error restart solo. I restart solo 3 occasion the provlem continue. Need help resolve problem? Please the problem continue.
  3. Giangamboni

    Impossible de calibrer

    Bongiorno, suite a in cratch mon drone ne vole plus ...déjà fait 8 scratch avant ...,!mais depuis on me demande faire calibration error mais il est impossible de le calibrer ? Pourquoi ? Bonnes salutations Giangamboni
  4. jimloss

    Warranty for Solo Purchased Though 6th Avenue

    Has anyone purchased their Solo through 6th Avenue and had any success in getting warranty repair? I know that there has been discussion already about 3Dr authorized sellers and affect on warranty, but 6th Avenue states in their eBay add "Our products are covered by a warranty of 1-year parts...
  5. IttaiFm

    Calibration 3DR Solo Failure

    Tengo apenas 4 meses con el Drone SOLO, lo quise volar hace unos días pero me mando error de calibración, y me pide que reinicie el drone, sin embargo no sucede nada, ya hice muchas veces la calibración de brujula y la calibración de nivel y no funciona, re inicie el drone y el control a los...
  6. C

    Continuous Calibration Error Upon Fresh Startup - DYI Fix

    I bought this drone from a private party and I am not looking for advice with customer service are trying to get 3dr to repair that drone. I am looking for advance advice with fixing the issue myself; be it changes to the software and its setting or replacement of parts. Ok with that out of the...