solex for solo

  1. A

    The IMU calibration stays on 0 (IMU calibration and compass calibration issues)

    Hi messin' around a couple of hours I finally got Solex and opensolo 4 to work when I try to calibrate the compass it always fails when I try to calibrate the IMU the timer goes down to 0 and stays there, when I press next nothing happens, unless I completely restart the drone and the...
  2. A

    Solex for Solo - multi-battery survey missions

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new Solex user (for 3DR Solo drone) and am trying to survey an area that takes a couple of batteries to complete. I posted this question in response to Kelly Schrock's instructions for this (from 8/13/2019) but posing this question for all as well and in case there's any...
  3. divsrfsh

    Green cube install issues- no Wi-Fi after parameter reset

    Help- Purchased cube in December . Waited for the final version to be released before Installing open solo. Tested the drone before opening it up. Installed cube and followed instructions to detail using Solex. After installing parameters lost Wi-Fi connection . Downloaded Winscp and am trying...
  4. RRtrailboss

    Solex: unable to Calibrate Viewing Angle

    I'm a newbie in SOLEX. I'm unable to calibrate viewing angle due to the "Next" button is grey out. what am I doing wrong? see attached image
  5. T

    Can't connect to solex or the solo app

    i have a iPhone 6plus, bought the solex app and it never appeared on my phone. Went to a piece of crap tablet that just says looking for vehicle What do I do. It works with the GoPro app but that is useless. I wish I never bought one of these, what a piece of ***. They deserve to go under...
  6. Gazzainnorway

    Solex battery info issue.

    Ok, so I flew with Solex for the first time today. Two issues that I had: Battery info display gave me a hellava flight log when this is obviously the first two flights (one flight/battery) with the app. I've attached a screen grab for each battery! Secondly the selfie function doesn't...