Solex for Solo - multi-battery survey missions

Jun 8, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I'm a new Solex user (for 3DR Solo drone) and am trying to survey an area that takes a couple of batteries to complete. I posted this question in response to Kelly Schrock's instructions for this (from 8/13/2019) but posing this question for all as well and in case there's any new info on this procedure. I read Kelly's instructions on how to pick up where if one is in the middle of a survey and must swap out batteries. According to Kelly's instructions, using RTL seems to keep the drone engaged in the mission after landing and swapping out the battery and a prompt will ask if you want to continue where you left off in the mission. However, after I initiate RTL, I land manually. I've never let RTL do it's thang completely, does it land itself? I usually switch to manual landing because after I initiate RTL, the drone increases its altitude and speed very rapidly. I get a little nervous about that and would rather come in more steady without such a drastic increase in altitude. After manually landing, I turn off the drone and swap battery. That seems to abort the mission. Is there any way to pick up where I left off after re-launching after a manual landing? Or a way to select in Solex where in the mission to continue? My flight path remains on the mission layer of what's flown thus far so the mission layer doesn't wipe clean it seems. I don't get a prompt to resume an incomplete mission and I can't select where in the survey mission I want to pick up the flight from. Any advice on what should I do instead? Thanks so much for any advice and apologies for any duplicate posts here about this question.


Do do a multi-battery mission, the process is fairly simple. Start the mission and let it run until the vehicle either RTLs because of low battery, or you switch to some other mode than AUTO and fly the vehicle home. Land the vehicle, power it off, swap batteries, and turn it back on again. During this time it's important that you leave Solex open as you would if you were flying the mission. It will complain about lost connection, etc, because your vehicle is powered off. Once the vehicle re-connects, Solex will recognize that the vehicle has come back after a lost connection and that you were flying a mission that did not complete. At that point it should prompt you to resume the mission. If you answer in the affirmative, it will upload the remainder of the mission to the vehicle as a new mission, at which point you can launch and fly the remainder of it.

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