gopro 4 black

  1. R

    FS Solo with Gimbal, GoPro and more

    I am selling my 3DR Solo with GoPro Hero 4 Black and accessories. The solo has always been kept in a protective case and looks brand new. It also has the updated mRobotics GPS chip for faster satellite acquisition. This is a great drone that probably only has a couple hours of flight time on...
  2. J

    Solo Gimbal axis inverted

    Hi all, Just got myself a solo with gimbal, after the normal faff of trying to get it to stream to the app ive now noticed that the gimbal seems to be inverted... on tilting the drone forwards the gimbal will roll the camera, on rolling the drone the gimbal will tilt. It's also doing the...
  3. BobPhoto

    Beautiful SoCal Morning Over the Water - Solo, GPH4B

    A new way to photograph my wife swimming in the open water. Now just to get the brass to go closer...
  4. W

    Time code for GoPro 4 Black / Solo?

    I record marching band rehearsals. Some times I use my Solo to get a high vantage point that closely matches elevation and angle of some of the press boxes at their performance venues. Each time I have to manually synch the footage with a digital audio recording I make inside the stadium at the...
  5. IrishmanPDX

    It finally happened, my gopro died.....

    So I got this GP4 Hero Black brand new upon the 2nd month of release (hey, it was worth the wait as I managed to get a $50 discount!). Worked hard and steady all the while. Day before yesterday, I go to check a recording (I use it as a dash cam) and it was coming up SD ERR. Hey, no problem I...
  6. E

    3DR DIY Quad 10 mins flight time lots of extras

    3DR DIY Quad w/Pixhawk. I bought two Phantom 3 Pros while building this. I flew it a couple of times briefly. Not a scratch. I have 5 unused batteries, Tarot 2D gimbal for GoPro, GoPro 4 Black (barely used with 2 batteries and ALL the accessory attachments), 5.8 GHz FPV air end, Futaba Rx. All...
  7. B

    Gopro settings stay grey

    hi, I can't change my gopro hero4 black settings in the app. I use the last firmware, gropro firmware 5.0, solo 2.4.2. I try to set the video mode in NTSC, reset to the gopro, start the gorpo before put it on the gimbal, ... Thk for your help and sorry for my english (I'm french).
  8. FinniKris

    Skateboarding from Above

    I’m posting only 7 days after the first 3DR Solo video with… yes…you guessed it, another one! Thank you for your support and for viewing the last one :) I’ve taken from comments and suggestions and I believe this one is even better. Faster cuts, more action, syncing with the music, and a...
  9. keads

    New to Solo. Test Video. How Does it Look?

    Hello Friends of Solo! I took some test footage a few weeks ago and I wanted to hear your thoughts. I've read a lot about vibrations showing up in video, bad HDMI cables, and bad gimbals. I was hoping you could provide some feedback on this short clip; does everything seem to be functioning as...
  10. C

    First impressions & 3 questions

    I picked up a Solo a Best Buy on Tuesday and have had a couple of successful test missions as of today (Friday). First let me say thanks to the contributors on this forum. I wouldn't be flying today if not for the info gleaned scanning the thread history over the last week. I hope it continues...
  11. 5

    New Solo, New GoPro...GoPro freezing up on Tower

    Solo at 2.4.1-6 (latest) GoPro Hero4 Black 3.0 iOS App 2.4.0 (latest) Tower 3.2.1 (latest) Tower Beta 4.0.0 Beta 4 (latest) First flights today. Worked great on iOS 10 with Solo App. All recordings worked fine. But on Tower (and Tower Beta) the GoPro would FREEZE after anywhere 30 seconds...
  12. Aussie in AZ

    Gopro Hero 4 Firmware update v4.0

    So we are on the same page, I am using Gopro Hero 4 Black. So Hero 4 has a new firmware out. I got a notification 2 days ago. I contacted Gopro to see if this would break compatibility with Solo and this was the response Thanks for reaching out to us. I'd be happy to help you out. We can't...
  13. Caltech02

    Gimbal Twichting/bouncing

    Hi There, I use a GoPro Hero4 black, I have attached the gimbal mount onto the Solo, I am getting some type of interference that make the GoPro bounce/twitch while sitting in the Gimbal while in flight or simply while hovering. Even if the gimbal set so say 45 degrees it will twitch and then...
  14. A

    gopro control

    Hey there. I have 2 Hero4Black (different lenses). One works fine, the other sometimes powers up when inserted in Gimbal and powered on, but then doesnt allow any control via app ... Bizzarely, if I manually start the video before taking off, then land, it stops recording and I have full control...
  15. L

    SD error on GoPro black 4 when flying solo

    i am finally comfortable flying my solo but it is very upsetting that I haven't been able to record anything since I got the GoPro 4, keeps giving me a SD error and I have tried already reset the GoPro, and reformat the SD card. Has anyone experience this? Any advice? Thank you all!
  16. baldguy

    Fairhope Alabama on the Gulf

    Last week we were able to visit Fairhope Alabama along the Gulf Coast. Nice town. Used the 3DR Solo with the GP 4 Black. Post processing done with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. This was my first attempt at some Camera Tracking via After Effects CS6. Here's a 35 second clip.
  17. A

    Gimbal not connected

    Hi all, I tried to set up a new Solo out of the box and install gimbal. My steps where: 1) download app 2) update software on app 3) update software on transmitter and quad 4) install gimbal 5) plug in gopro 4 black 6) turn on everything: a) transmitter, b) app, c) go pro, d) quad result...
  18. Joe90

    Rectilinear lens

    Can anyone recommend a UK based company that can fit or supply a rectilinear lens for the GoPro 4 similar to what Peau Productions offer. Can the camera still be used in its original housings after the mod?
  19. C

    GoPro Hero 4 records on ground, not in flight

    Just got my Solo for Christmas, so I may be missing something obvious. But here’s my problem: With my GoPro Hero4 Black mounted in the 3-axis gimbal, and using my iPhone 6 with the Controller, I can record to both the iPhone and the GoPro while the Solo is on the ground; I can record with the...
  20. M

    Consistant GoPro Problems (Record Start Fail & SD Card Error)

    Several times a day I have to land solo and remove the battery from the GoPro 4 Black to unfreeze it. Something happens where it becomes unresponsive to starting and stopping recording via the controller, and will not power down with Solo. When I pull GoPro off and try to power it down, it...