1. A

    Gimbal acting weird - is it salvageable?

    Im new, please go easy & pretend I don't know anything - cause I basically don't. My gimbal points up to the underside of the drone and is unresponsive to the controller. The led on the back of the gimbal randomly switches between breathing green and breathing red lights. Even when green, its...
  2. Robpower

    Brand new solo gimballs for sale

    i have 2 x brand new solo gimballs for sale, new in box, still sealed. I am asking $150 US each for them plus freight. They are spare and would like to see them go to someone who might need them. I am located in Australia and happy to ship (registered tracked freight only) Thanks, Rob
  3. Redcon1

    Hero3 Black/Solo gimbal should have video. Right?

    It's just a Hero3 Black, not a +, I have confirmed that the camera works on my TV and I have video if I bypass the gimbal and connect straight to the motherboard via the HDMI cable. When the gimbal is thrown in, I just get black screen. To be clear, brand new from the box gimbal, never got a...
  4. N

    Looking for used gimbal in UK / EU

    Got one? I want it :) Mine's currently going limp after a hard crash.
  5. S

    Gimbals for sale.

    I've got 3 NIB. $150 +shipping
  6. satanas56

    3dr solo gimbal tilt problem no issue [ FIX IT SOLVED!!!]

    hello my drone 3dr solo worked very well.... (15 flights) but after no connections with the controller so i' ve removed the battery's controler (rc remote)for 1 minute and my problem is apparead: i can't use the manual button(the button is working) but i can't stay at the indicated angle of...
  7. K

    3x 3DR Solo Gimbal NEW (UK)

    hi, i've 3x 3DR Solo Gimbals new to sell in UK, 115£ shipped (for one) paypal accepted
  8. S

    Sweet Jesus The Goddamn Gimbal

    just got my second solo gimbal..First one was a refurbished DOA. Now this one successfully stabilized (praise the good Lord) however I cannot control the angle the gimbal's at. It stays at 0 degrees. Does not respond to controller flappy dongle on the left :( Tried re-calibrating, and factory...
  9. J

    GoPro Comm Issue after Water Damage

    Long story short, solo took a dip in a lake, I was able to grab it, dry it out and re-fly it after doing a factory restart. However, I am now having issues with communications between the app and go pro. The video feed is still there, however it automatically starts "recording" video when I...
  10. G

    Gimbal are they discontinuing it? Is there going to be a gimbal for the Hero 5

    I am wondering is anyone here knows if they are have or are going to discontinue the Gimbal for the Hero 4 and if there is going to be a new gimbal. Could we have flying bricks here in a few months with no gimbals or parts? Are there any companies that follow this stuff, who have sold Solo...
  11. M

    Solo Gimbal Spinning out of Control

    Hello, Just bought my solo a few days ago and have been flying it every chance I've had. Today on my 6th or 7th flight I came down to the ground too fast and the drone bounced off the ground fairly hard. It continued to fly fine but the gimbal was stuck pointing the camera up and to the...
  12. S

    Gimbal blinking green but freaking out/unresponsive

    Really hoping someone can help me out here... Just got the stock gimbal in the mail for my refurb Solo, trying to fly with a gopro4 black I took extra precaution packing the wires, level and compass calibrated, and all systems are up to date (5.0 on gopro) when I turn on the drone the gimbal...
  13. M

    Another gimbal?

    I need a new cheap gimbal for my solo bcause my solo gimbal is freaking out.
  14. countryboy

    Gimbal has no power

    The gimbal was working fine until the other day while trying to add a modification I somehow blew out the gopro. I currently am waiting for my gopro to be returned, until then my main question is. Does the camera have to be installed for the go pro power up, or does the gimbal have power rather...
  15. M

    Gopro hero 3+ silver + gimbal not working

    My gopro always *beep*beep and turning off and on. Any solution? I try to downgrade but its not give hdmi signal with the gimbat but withot its give.
  16. K

    gimbal for gh4 camera

    new to the site any help is good would like to hang my panasonic gh 4 from my 3dr solo but can't find gimbal anybody out there have any ideas
  17. T

    Should videos taken with the gimbal be this shaky?

    The winds were just over ten miles per hour and sometimes it takes butter smooth shots but most of the time it's this shaky. How can I fix this?
  18. E

    Gimbal not found?

    My gimbal stopped workong on day. It is limp although blinking. I go into firmware and it shows nothing for the gimbal. My controller says gimbal not found. When i turn on the drone the gimbal wont stabilize, nor turn on the gopro. I do receive video feed though. I uninstalled the ap, reset the...
  19. T

    A few problems from a newbie

    Hi all, I've just got my 3DR Solo. It was a "factory refurbished" unit I bought on eBay from USA and had delivered to me in the UK. I also ordered and fitted the genuine gopro gimbal to go with my existing GoPro hero 4 Silver. When it arrived, I followed all the instructions and updated all...
  20. L

    Solo gimbal camera tilt error on the controller

    *Solo gimbal camera tilt error* Good morning I just bought the bundle with a backpack, gimble and some additional probs. Today was my second flight, and on each flight Im receiving and error message on the controller; ¨manual control disconnected, please contact 3dr technical support ¨, the...