1. K

    Gimbal completely looses it on 2nd flight

    First flight with gimbal, pretty much flawless. Second flight, not so much. The only variable was using a different battery.
  2. Ian [P13]

    Summer is Over - My first video effort with the gimbal

    The 4.35mm (advertised as 4.4) lens on the GoPro black, this was filmed in 2.7K at Illkey moors which is generally a windy place. I filmed this all in less than a hour using a combination of manual GPS flying and cablecam. I used Protune, a flat colour profile (then used a Speedgrade preset in...
  3. A

    Gimbal Shipping info (or lack of)

    I placed my solo order on April 21 with an extra battery.....and the process has been, well, far away from smooth. In fact, it has been so bad that I know a couple of people at their service line. Let me summarize. Not only they mixed my order with some other guy (thankfully it was resolved...
  4. Ian [P13]

    My first Solo gimbal video

    It was sad news for me today, my gimbal arrived DOA (that'll get sorted I'm sure) though my mate let me use his for now, so I was still able to do my first test today. Due to lack of time, we had to chose a random location...! The wind was generally mild but was gusting ever so often fairly...
  5. jeeboont

    Foldable Leg Extensions for Solo

    Relish3D just released a unique product called the Solo Extenders that incorporates a foldable design for easy storage. Below is when it is extended. It adds on an additional 30mm of clearance to the Gimbal. Below is when it is folded. It only adds in 10mm to the overall height. This makes...
  6. jeeboont

    Foldable Leg Extensions for Solo

    Relish3D has just released the Solo Extenders that allows you to increase the gimbal clearance by another 30mm while offering a unique foldable design for easy storage with any existing Solo cases or bags. It is now available for worldwide shipping and comes in a combination of colors...
  7. Gef7

    Fry's-Just Ordered Gimbal

    Just ordered gimbal from Fry's online. Estimated delivery 9/16. We'll see. If the gimbals become available at stores before that, I'll be on it. There are 3 Fry's stores located here in Houston, so maybe I'll get lucky.
  8. H

    Taking Photos

    I have the gimbal installed, all the latest software installed for the GoPro and Solo and trying to figure out HOW to take photos with the Solo??? I can't find anyplace in the app or on the controller where I can take a photo. The smart video features are great and easy to find. But finding...
  9. J

    FS: 3DR Solo Drone

    First off, sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I'm new to the forum. This is a BRAND NEW, SEALED 3DR Solo, that I won from a conference at my work. I have no need for a drone, and don't even own a Go-Pro! I also won the gimbal with it but it hasn't been shipped yet due to the delays...