1. N

    Solo backpack bundle, new gimbal, new batteries for sale (on eBay)

    I have 3 listings on eBay available for auction. The first is a 3DR solo backpack bundle w/ the drone, controller, 1 lightly used battery, 8 new props, tall feet, gimbal, and more. The drone was flown once to test. I purchased this bundle from best buy as a spare drone. LINK: Drone Bundle Link...
  2. T

    [SOLD] For sale is a like new Solo 3.0 with Gimbal and back pack

    Hello, Since there is no trade offers. I'm willing to sell and/or separate this solo and sell them as individual parts. Anyway, For sale is an excellent like new solo with gimbal and backpack. It flies great and has very little flying time as I'm busy with work. The solo and contoller...
  3. T

    [SOLD] Solo Gimbal for sale (OR BEST OFFER)

    For sale is my spare Solo Gimbal only used a few times to verify that it's working. Otherwise, it's in excellent condition. $140 + $10 shipping = $150 or Best Offer.. Thanks, Tngo
  4. punisherzx12

    For Sale Upgraded 3DR Solo + Spares

    3DR Solo Like New Condition w/extras Upgrades: MRO GPS Module Master Airscrew Props Alfa Antennas Tablet Holder Extra Batteries Backpack You don't want to miss owning this great drone. Ready to fly your GoPro Hero 3+ or 4 to new heights. Never crashed, abused, or even had a hard landing...
  5. V

    Mysterious problem with camera pitch.

    I have+know at least four Solo's with this issue. OpenSolo 3.0.0 , ArduCopter 3.5.7. The problem; The camera pitches up, at 3second interval, with logarithmic steps. It does so if the last input was a slight "up" (look up) command, not if the last was down. - not sure if it's related, but the...
  6. RichWest

    Gimbal - Exploded View

    Again it seems many are trying to repair gimbals, I've posted several threads of my efforts to repair said gimbals. For the sake of sharing, here are exploded view of the break down along with a detailing shot of the ribbon connectors and tools I use to disassemble the gimbal. And again a...
  7. Ccr41981

    Gimbal smoke and metallic smell

    Hey guys, brand new to the community. I recently picked up a Solo on ebay, and then picked up a solo gimbal. After installing, and powering on, I noticed a whiff smoke and a strange mettalic smell. I shut it down immediately, and removed the gimbal. I determined that the soldering points were...
  8. C

    OpenSolo alternate gimbal?

    Hello all. I am considering a Pixhawk Cube with the Sololink iMx6 and 3DR controller. I am aware the stock Solo gimbal is Mavlink but was wondering does Opensolo allow for an alternate conventional PWM or SBUS gimbal and will the Solo remote still show "Gimbal Not Found". I am interested in the...
  9. Kevin15664

    Gimbal Delete?

    Hi guys! My first of hopefully many posts here. Your forum was the deciding factor for me when I got my 3DR and I love it. I've owned it for 3 days and I've upgraded the GPS and antenna. I primarily use it for surf fishing. My question to yall is: Is there a way to delete the gimbal? or go...
  10. S

    SOLD - New Gimbal in Box - $180

    Sold! I bought a spare from Best Buy some time ago, and it's pretty clear now I'm not going to use it. $180 plus shipping to your location, or pickup in the Los Angeles area.
  11. BobPhoto

    Two Solos available. One with gimbal and HERE GPS. Backpack. Batts, etc. LOS ANGELES AREA

    Hey All. I have a few Solo items that are looking for a new home. Please feel free to make me a reasonable offer based on going rates. I hope to have interest from someone who is in the Los Angeles area so we can meet and I can avoid packing this all up for shipping :). Out of town buyers will...
  12. D

    Solo Gimbal shake on yaw

    I bought a Gimbal for my 3DR Solo a couple of days ago new from Amazon. I tested it for a first time today and realised that there is a nasty shake on the yaw, I have tried moving any cables that could be touching the Gimbal away from it, factory resetting it and re calibrating everything on the...
  13. Mike Boland

    WTB - Solo Gimbal, Australia

    Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a replacement gimbal for my Solo?
  14. T

    New Gimbal for sale

    Hello, Needing some fund for my build, so up for sale Is a new Gimbal that I have. I opened the box to take some pictures for viewing. BTW, will also include a Rev B GPS as well. PayPal, $200 shipped OBO priority mail....first thing Monday morning EDT. I'm also on, t_ngo...
  15. C

    Gimbal Stuck Blinking Orange/Yellow

    I came across an odd problem today. I flew my Solo yesterday, worked fine, but when I went to fly it today, the gimbal had a flashing orange/yellow light and was limp. Hoping someone knows a fix, or where to buy a new one cheap. I bought my gimbal new for $50, and I only see new ones for...
  16. J

    2 solos 2 gimbals updated GPS 6 batteries etc for sale Seattle Portland

    I'm selling my complete setup! in Seattle/Portland area - 1 solo and gimbal has never been flown!!, still in the box only opened to use the battery charger for my 6 batteries. I have extra props, the solo backpack and 2 controllers. I updated 1 of the solos GPS (Mro ublox) to recveive Glonass...
  17. B

    3axis Gimbal/Gopro control issues

    I have intermittent loss of gimbal angle control and no ability to control the functions of the installed gopro hero 4 black. The video feed to the app through the HDMI connected to the gopro works. Have swapped out the gimbal and gopro to a separate solo and everything works as it should...
  18. K

    Gimbal Issues

    Hi everyone, i had a crash few days ago. When i turn on the solo it dont recognize the gimbal (Do not stabilize), i have video feed and camera charging so the gimbal is getting energize but i cant move the cam doing some tilt down or tilt up. Any solution?
  19. AWRC

    [AUCTION] Solo with Backpack, Upgrades and Gimbal - Bid starts at $135

    The complete solo package with a lowepro backpack, solo, gimbal, and extra battery. The upgrades installed are the mikrotik r11e wifi cards, and the mRo GPS upgrade. The drone is also running open solo version 3.0. EBAY LINK : 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone with Gimbal UPGRADED (READ DESCRIPTION) |...
  20. R

    Do not buy from

    This is to let everyone know about a dishonest company selling 3DR Solo gimbals and other related items. Beware of Goldstar Tech out of Wisconsin. They will not sand behind their products. I bought a gimbal and it doesn’t work. They would not refund or replace it. So just beware of them. They...