Aug 1, 2017
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Hi, I took a break looking for a solo and trying to read up on this forum due to some health problems with my family but in the meantime, someone on a yardsale sight had wanted to sell their drone, that I had not been able to get at the time. The only thing that I'm not sure about is they have attached a low quality gimbal (unmoving) and low quality camera. I'm wondering how/if any or some this might effect the mechanics of everything. I really have no working knowledge of the drones so I thought I would ask here. In your opinion would it effect the solo in anyway and is very involved (for a novice) to remove/replace? I'm not sure how it all works/hooks up. Would you advice using it as is/replacing (if so I guess i'll need/ wtb gimbal, or is there a chance that that modification messes up the mechanics and should a person just buy a "normal" one, I have seen some ok deals on bundles as well, I guess really I'm looking to know if that sort of structure would mess with the drone any, sorry I'm a noob, Thanks so much for any advice
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If it's a Solo- it may be the gopro mount that comes as original equipment with any Solo purchase. As far as camera- since they are not using a gimbal, guess they could use any camera they can " rig up " with the use of string, wire or tape!
Thank you USM86, it is not a go pro camera, so?.. You're saying that when others buy solo -there is a go pro mount - that comes with the solo purchase and that may be what they have used, that is not a gimbal? That this person may have just rigged up whatever they had on hand? Do you think this would have an effect on the drone itself??/connections and should I try to replace it/get a gimbal?
There are several threads on this forum where guys are using different kinds of cameras because they are looking for different results- still photography I believe. If you carefully inspect the Solo, you should be able to look at the gopro mount and make sure it's not damaged-
If you are hoping to attach a gimbal- it's not difficult and only involves removing some screws, carefully plugging in hdmi cable and making sure the cable isn't interfering with the gimbals functions- then putting the screws back in- not even an half hour.
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Well I am not able to inspect it in person but it makes it makes me feel better hearin' that removing and replacing it wouldn't be too hard. Thank you.
Just adding an "oddball" camera shouldn't affect the mechanics of Solo. If the camera doesn't move, it isn't a gimbal, it's just a camera mount.

Buying from a yard sale could be risky- if you have any problems with it, 3DR won't honor the warranty.

What was the yard sale price?

Here's a picture of the factory fixed mount with a GoPro camera:

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