1. Raptor

    Wanted: 3DR Solo backpack.

    Wanted: Solo backpack. Does not have to be new. Good condition. Need case desperately!
  2. tickingheart

    Gimbal related question

    Hi, I took a break looking for a solo and trying to read up on this forum due to some health problems with my family but in the meantime, someone on a yardsale sight had wanted to sell their drone, that I had not been able to get at the time. The only thing that I'm not sure about is they have...
  3. C

    Wanted: Battery Tray with/or just Battery Release button

    Hey folks, I RTL-ed into a tree at 100 feet at night and the only damage is that when the battery ejected upon impact, I couldn't find the little plastic button which is used to latch the battery into the body and then release it. If anyone has a trashed body or such I could use the button or...
  4. B

    Wanted Iris+ 4n1 ESC

    If you would like to sell one of these let me know.
  5. Filip Ionita

    WANTED: Drone Pilots - British Drone Racing League

    WANTED Course Designers & Pilots of all abilities. An airy “Hello” to everybody on this forum. Togethia Media Services is the Production Company running the new British Drone Racing League. We want to run an event this March and film it for a TV pilot to kickstart the series. We have two...