1. Han Solo

    Great Solo Bundle - price lowered!

    Don't miss out on this complete bundle up for sale! Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3...
  2. S

    SOLD! *Solo Bundle w/extras*

    Full solo setup with upgraded mRo GPS, many extra props (Airscrew), 5 batteries, 2 chargers, backpack, extra controller battery and more. The extras: 2nd Solo Body. She swam in the ocean so only the plastic body is any good. 2nd Controller. NIB 2 extra motors, extra gimbal (Don't remember how...
  3. S

    3DR solo package, 3 batteries and backpack with GoPro and gimbal

    3dr solo perfect condition flys great! No issues whatsoever. Comes with gimbal and GoPro Hero 4 Black Plenty of extras. -12 spare props -spare charger for controller and solo batteries (2 of each) -spare controller -4 batteries (1 is a dud the rest are flying 10-15 minutes) -sunshade...
  4. tickingheart

    Gimbal related question

    Hi, I took a break looking for a solo and trying to read up on this forum due to some health problems with my family but in the meantime, someone on a yardsale sight had wanted to sell their drone, that I had not been able to get at the time. The only thing that I'm not sure about is they have...
  5. tickingheart


    Looking to buy drone (used/good) Would be nice to have the accessories/bundle that goes with it. Also interested in go pro 4. Thank you :) :) :) wtb solo most likely this month, thanks.
  6. L

    3dr Solo With GoPro Hero 3 White And Galaxy Tab A Bundle

    condition used details Items show damage and have wear 3dr solo has crack on the front but still function l perfectly, charger for batter has broken tab GoPro hero 3 white has missing batter cap, has been painted and cannot charge (cones with batteries kit) EBAY listing : 3dr Solo With GoPro...
  7. R

    Solo Super Bundle. Includes GoPro H4Black,3 batts, Backpack, AND selling 3 Gimbals; 1 NIB, 2 used.

    I am selling my backup Solo bundle. It's a full set setup which includes a Solo (only flown about an hour total just to test it and not crashed. It's perfect) 3 batts (used maybe twice each), literally like new backpack, 3 sets of props, chargers, etc. This is all literally new, minus an hour...
  8. C

    Solo Bundle for Sale

    3DR SOLO Drone Bundle with GoPro Hero4 + Extras (SOLD) Included in the Bundle : 1 - 3DR SOLO drone 1 - 3DR SOLO controller 1 - 3DR SOLO Gimbal - installed 1 - 3DR SOLO hard case backpack 1 - GoPro fixed mount - not installed 2 - 3DR SOLO smart batteries 2 - 3DR SOLO battery chargers 1 - 3DR...