Aug 28, 2016
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So I'm having troubles with my battery. I have flown the drone twice. Both times being perfect flights with zero problems. After the last flight I went to charge the battery and I monitored it to make sure everything was good. I then put the battery in the Solo backpack and went out to go fly it. This is about 12 hours after charging it when I wanted to actually use the battery.

When I opened my backpack the battery was blinking on the first dot indicating that the battery was dead. I thought that was very weird. I tried to put it in the solo and get it up and going to check the % of the battery. It indeed read 0%. When I got home I opened up the backpack and the battery was still blinking on the first mark. I tried to plug it into the charger and the charger never went to red like it was charging. I left it plugged in for a bit to see if it was just trying to get it up to a certain percentage but nothing has changed after an hour. You can push the power button and it does the sequence of lights from the outside ones into the middle, lights go off, then back to the stupid first light blinking. Has anybody had this issue?? I would love to fly today but 3dr is closed!
Defective battery. Open a ticket with 3DR by email. They'll send you a new one.

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