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    troubleshoot open solo 4

    I just recently was given solo because a friend of mine got a new drone. I tried updating to open solo 4 today and everything went well on the controller side. It is now up to date. The problem is I thought the controller and solo were connected, but it appears the solo did not update properly...
  2. S

    Sweet Jesus The Goddamn Gimbal

    just got my second solo gimbal..First one was a refurbished DOA. Now this one successfully stabilized (praise the good Lord) however I cannot control the angle the gimbal's at. It stays at 0 degrees. Does not respond to controller flappy dongle on the left :( Tried re-calibrating, and factory...
  3. R

    Smart Battery Help!

    So I'm having troubles with my battery. I have flown the drone twice. Both times being perfect flights with zero problems. After the last flight I went to charge the battery and I monitored it to make sure everything was good. I then put the battery in the Solo backpack and went out to go fly...