1. J

    troubleshoot open solo 4

    I just recently was given solo because a friend of mine got a new drone. I tried updating to open solo 4 today and everything went well on the controller side. It is now up to date. The problem is I thought the controller and solo were connected, but it appears the solo did not update properly...
  2. iDroneRepair

    Drone Repairs

    Good Afternoon Everyone, New member here just wanting to ask a few questions around drone repairs. I am looking to set up a drone repair business in Sheffield UK, I will be going online though so that people will be able to send their drones from all over the UK. What is the current situation...
  3. J

    Solo Not Connected to App/Wi-Fi after multiple failed attempts

    I was gifted the Solo by my brother and cannot get the Solo App to recognize that my phone is connected to the Solo's Wi-Fi. I've tried multiple times to restart/redownload/reset my Wi-Fi connection to the controller/Solo, but nothing seems to work. I went through and did a Factory Reset...
  4. B

    Won’t turn on

    My solo recently crashed into a tree. There was no external damage. When I checked to see if it still works I power in the battery the lights on the battery light up then turn off. I tried this with multiple batteries but same thing it won’t turn on.
  5. S

    Controller charger

    Hey guys, Just purchased a used 3dr solo and turns out it didn’t come with the charger for the controller. I asked the guy about it and he said he’d never need to charge it and it didn’t come with one when he bought it from someone else. So is anyone selling a charger or know where I can buy...
  6. A

    Compass Calibration unsuccessfull

    Hi there, I just got a 3dr solo and been getting magnetic interference everywhere I try to fly. I tried to calibrate the compass but the green bar only gets halfway and gets stuck. I've tried resetting to factory settings, different areas and I'm getting no luck. I've read countless threads...
  7. SorryMeSoFugly

    First time poster with questions...

    What’s up everyone,, is there anyone still on this site? Just flipped thru a few posts and they were pretty old? Anyway, just got a solo, yes I know, late as f... But whatever... So I received it with no plug charger cord for the transmitter? I was lucky it was at full charge so I have flown the...
  8. C

    Gimbal Stuck Blinking Orange/Yellow

    I came across an odd problem today. I flew my Solo yesterday, worked fine, but when I went to fly it today, the gimbal had a flashing orange/yellow light and was limp. Hoping someone knows a fix, or where to buy a new one cheap. I bought my gimbal new for $50, and I only see new ones for...
  9. NastyN8

    3DR releasing new items?

    So while doing my routine search of the web today I came across some interesting thing on amazon. It would appear while we are lost to 3DR robotics we are not fully forgotten. Below is a link for just a few things i found on amazon. Let me know if this helps anyone...
  10. S

    Secondhand solo purchase with issue

    Hi I have a chance to purchase a 3dr solo second hand for under 100 but the current owner is informing me the controller and drone don't pair after a small crash , drone is not cracked or damaged body wise looks fine . I need your help can this be something really easy to repair and worth the...
  11. C

    Use 3DR Solo for advanced mapping

    Guys, I have a solo drone. Didn't buy a Go Pro yet or a Gimbal. I need to use solo for mapping. Here are my basic requirements. Calculate distance between 2 points. Calculate area of a selected section. (like area of a forest which hard to measure by ground) Height of a pile of sand and rocks...
  12. NastyN8

    New to the drone world and already ready to leave

    Good morning everyone, So i was given a few drones to try and get me pumped up and eager to get into it. Alas though, the first was a nano that i can control from my phone. Awesome fun little thing. Next was a waker f210 , fun but WAY to fast for my novice skills and WAY to costly again for my...
  13. june03dr

    Help with tower app

    need some help guys. So I decided to send my solo out for a 4 mile trip. Heard others saying she can do it so i wanted to try it out over farm land. So i went in the tower app made sure parameters were set for the drone to keep on with mission both settings to number 2. Then i uploaded waypoints...
  14. june03dr

    Solex question

    Im new with the solex app i wanted to know if im out on a long distance flight will the solex app determine or give me a warning on how much battery is left to make it back safe?
  15. N

    Solo won't fly... Or startup... Or anything...

    Hopefully someone can help me out. I've got a Solo that was purchased used and it won't seem to fly. The controller is paired with the drone, as well as the app on my iPhone and everything powers on (lights, sounds, etc.) however when I "hold fly to start motors" absolutely nothing happens. My...
  16. J

    GoPro Comm Issue after Water Damage

    Long story short, solo took a dip in a lake, I was able to grab it, dry it out and re-fly it after doing a factory restart. However, I am now having issues with communications between the app and go pro. The video feed is still there, however it automatically starts "recording" video when I...
  17. june03dr

    Help! With gimble

    If anyone can help or had this issue with the solo gimble please chime in. When i tilt my gimble down or up to the 40° mark it will make a weird noise and when i feel on the gimble its vibrating not sure whats causing it.
  18. june03dr

    Help !! With mission planner

    Help! I connected my solo to mission planner just to balance my motor hubs and now when i connect to the solo app it will say fly but when i hit the fly button it wont do anything and on the solo app it will say my battery is low at like 0% when its actually fully charged. Also i noticed when i...
  19. june03dr

    Help! Flying drones in Pa. state parks?

    So i heard you can fly drones in like 6 Pennsylvania state parks so i called one state park named Benjamin Rush state park which was one of the 6 parks and asked to speak about the rules for flying. The lady who answered said i would need to have an AMA license to fly at the park and said she...
  20. june03dr

    Help! Speed adjustments

    need some help with changing the WPNAV_SPEED in the parameters section of the sidepilot app.