First time poster with questions...

Sep 23, 2018
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East Bay CA, US
What’s up everyone,, is there anyone still on this site? Just flipped thru a few posts and they were pretty old?
Anyway, just got a solo, yes I know, late as f...
But whatever...
So I received it with no plug charger cord for the transmitter? I was lucky it was at full charge so I have flown the thing several times, but it’s getting low and I’ve been reading some horror stories about trying random chargers.
There are none for sale that I can find anywhere that are 3DR brand, wtf do I do?

Next question(s).. you guy and these mods!!! F me with a rubber chicken!! Sh.. is dope! I have NO idea what any of that shit is, but your talking about microsomethinorothers and doodads here and there ?? I know this thing is open source, but I am relatively tech stupid, but mildly genius , so I can learn...
any books or whatever so I can educate myself?

Basically, I need a charger for my controller, and need a crash course on how to make this sh.. better. Although it’s awesome already..

Thoughts? Slander? Libel? Throw it all at me!
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The controller charger is available here: 3DR SOLO Battery Charger for Controller – Current UAS Store

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