1. T

    Need battery

    Need a battery for 3dr solo I am in Australia would anyone know
  2. Han Solo

    Solo Bundle for Sale

    Bundle includes Solo with 3-axis gimbal, m8n GPS unit, 6 batteries (2 used twice!), PolarPro prop guards, FPVLR 2.4ghz long-range antenna, GoPro Hero4 Black with Peau Productions lens replacement - 4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP(No Distortion), 3 GoPro batteries and external charger, GoPro touch...
  3. R

    3DR Company

    I know it is likely pointless, but I wish everyone on this site would email [email protected] and let them know one last time how lame it is that they won’t even make another run of batteries for the Solo. Let them know that there are people out here that would buy them. How many units were sold that...
  4. 5

    How are your batteries holding up?

    All Solo batts were made back in 2015 or so. Has anyone started seeing their batteries starting to fail or act unpredictably?
  5. B

    Won’t turn on

    My solo recently crashed into a tree. There was no external damage. When I checked to see if it still works I power in the battery the lights on the battery light up then turn off. I tried this with multiple batteries but same thing it won’t turn on.
  6. N

    Solo backpack bundle, new gimbal, new batteries for sale (on eBay)

    I have 3 listings on eBay available for auction. The first is a 3DR solo backpack bundle w/ the drone, controller, 1 lightly used battery, 8 new props, tall feet, gimbal, and more. The drone was flown once to test. I purchased this bundle from best buy as a spare drone. LINK: Drone Bundle Link...
  7. Solo-Loco

    Anyone in Australia in need of a brand new 'Battery-or-two'?

    Take a gander at my new post, over in the Classifieds Section ; Attention - All ‘Down Under' Solo Pilots, BRAND NEW BATTERIES! - ( Sealed in original Retail Packaging. ) Cheers, Solo-Loco 'Real Solo Pilots, bust Propellors for Breakfast'
  8. Solo-Loco

    Attention - All ‘Down Under' Solo Pilots, BRAND NEW BATTERIES! - ( Sealed in original Retail Packaging. )

    G'day, Yup - I'm pretty new to this Forum, ( having only just landed my first pair of Solos a short while ago. ) Nevertheless, beyond my recent purchase of a pair of Solos - I have also just secured a small quantity of brand new and unopened, ( completely sealed in original retail packaging )...
  9. M

    3DR Solo extended life battery

    does anyone know where I can find an extended life battery for the 3DR Solo quadcopter?

    TO ALL YOU LEADS - whether you're FEMALE or MALE

    I have the connection you want in making friends whether you support ardupilot or the fancies that stand together and crap on ideas of others here's a connection for you all 3DR Battery Connector Sale! if you prefer to throw your money away... 3DR Solo Electrical Interface Molex Connectors...
  11. D

    1 3DR solo, 1 unopened gimbal, 3 extra batteries, 1 backpack & more

    Will be selling this as a package. The 3DR solo is lightly used, probably flown them < 15 times. I am just not using my drone anymore so I'd like them to go to someone else who can better utilize them. 1 3DR solo with gimbal installed, charger + controller Gimbal BNIB 1 opened extra battery 2...
  12. Ivan Riobla

    Battery down in 3, 2 , 1 ..... solo software problem ?

    So i took the solo for a flight the battery went down in seconds , later i put the battery to charge i took it out for another flight and from the normal 10 / 14 minute flight time down to only 2 minutes max. two days later i charge the battery again took the drone out and just went up about...
  13. R

    solo battery depletes really fast

    I have been reading a series of posts stating that their solo batteries run out of juice really fast. The same happened to me, but a little bit different let me explain: My solo batteries take the usual to get fully charged but one I start flying they last about 2 minutes to reach 25%. I...
  14. X

    2 full drones primed bodies motor pods boards gps carrying cases landing gear all 3dr stock

    2 full drones 3DR solos primed bodies motor pods boards gps carrying cases landing gear all 3dr stock. I botched 1 motor pulled a few plugs on one of the boards but I got a 3DR solo off Craigslist with smart gimbal and backpack and I'm not even going to use 1 sticker all because I watched a how...
  15. R

    Abnormal high battery consumption

    I am getting a low battery warning within 1 or 2 minutes after takeoff. First I thought it was a bad battery but it's happening on a couple of different batteries. Recent modification includes new high intensity lights but they were working okay for the last week or so. Everything else is...
  16. rbldude14


    Had my first crash. It was slightly windy and I was ignorant on battery issues. I had 100% battery at take off and 1.5 min later at 50%. You can hear the alarm going off in the video. at 2 min I looked down and was at 25% and draining FAST! I just tried to fly it back to the mountain side so I...
  17. Travelfox

    The worst has happened - battery died mid-air, Solo plummeted into the ocean

    ....And I'm deeply gutted. This has never happened to me before, to have a battery die while in flight. It was fully charged and at that time was still over 50%. Like most of you I've had my share of accidental and human error crashes, missing drone, and even missing and non-working parts...
  18. G

    dual battery mod

    I got my first solo earlier this spring, and for being one of the most inexpensive drones, I think the hardware and software are as good or better than many of the higher end drones. The only problem is that it loses gps lock and controller connection randomly. The first one I had was not too...
  19. T

    Full battery, but app says it's -1%

    Has anyone else had the problem when they are take off the app says the battery is around 95% and with in a couple minutes they lady in the app says that the "battery is below 10% return home soon". The screen on the app says it is at -1% but when I land it and check, it's still about 80%. I...
  20. J

    Solo Battery MSDS

    Hey everyone, I've had a battery replaced by 3DR recently but because I bought my Solo directly from the US (I'm from Australia) I got it reshipped. The company I am using to reship the battery is asking for an MSDS. I had one previously for the drone itself but I managed to lose the document...