Attention - All ‘Down Under' Solo Pilots, BRAND NEW BATTERIES! - ( Sealed in original Retail Packaging. )

Feb 7, 2019
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Yup - I'm pretty new to this Forum, ( having only just landed my first pair of Solos a short while ago. )

Nevertheless, beyond my recent purchase of a pair of Solos - I have also just secured a small quantity of brand new and unopened, ( completely sealed in original retail packaging ), 3DR Solo Batteries.

This recently acquired stack of brand new Batteries - are of the very last examples to be made by 3DR, ( circa December, 2015 ) - and as such, all have a Charge-Count of 'zero'.

I have already subtracted all of the Batteries from this supply that I think I'm ever going to need, and of these that I have 'broken open' for my own use, each of them perform flawlessly.

As it stands, ( with a total of three charge cycles, pressed into four of these Batteries ), a typical 17-to-18ish minute hover 'out-of-ground-effect' is delivered - all before hitting that critical 5% Battery level.

I have conducted each flight with the lowest possible amount of 'wind' that I can find - at an altitude of between seven to ten metres above ground, ( with an AMSL of 1300m at this location ) - using both of my Solos ‘suitably spaced apart’ to discharge each Battery, ( gotta love that good ol' Position Hold! )

Each Solo is unmodified / 100% factory-original Hardware using stock 3DR Props, running the latest stock 3DR Firmware, and flying 'light' with no Gimbal or Camera attached.

Initially, I am only keen to sell these brand new Batteries to Solo Pilots, who are also located specifically here in Melbourne - Victoria.

This way, each of you will be able to meet with me 'in person' - allowing you confirm that my intentions are in fact genuine - and that your resulting purchase is sound.

( Plus, any excuse to meet with anyone else - who flies these insane machines! )

I am asking AU$85.00 each for these Batteries.

This includes me insisting on meeting you Face-to-Face - at any 'Pub-of-your-choosing' across metropolitan Melbourne, or atop any Shopping Centre Car Park - ( so long as you bring your own Solo along as well! )

I am also offering these Batteries with a 30-day change-over Warranty - or a complete refund - Dealer's choice!

This additional commitment is to specifically serve the 3DR Solo Community here in Australia - with some long overdue Battery replacement 'piece-of-mind'.

Once I’ve managed to suitably demonstrate my integrity to all of the Solo Pilots located here in Melbourne - I am then keen to lean against these Melbourne-based Pilots - via this Forum - as ‘testament-enough' to then be able to serve every other Solo Pilot here in Australia, ( who also require new Batteries, but unfortunately - are unable to meet with me due to the tyranny of distance. )

I am currently away on business at the moment, ( hence my current 1300m AMSL! ), but will be back home in Melbourne - well before the month is out.

So, all that remains to be asked is - Are there any Melbourne-based 3DR Solo Pilots out there, who just happen to be hungry for 'a-brand-new-Battery-or-two'?

Feel free to chime in below, or PM me for more details.


'Real Solo Pilots, bust Propellors for Breakfast!'


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Where 'bouts are you?

( Fingies-crossed you're here in Melbourne too - as I'm pretty keen to get a red-hot running start at building some 'kudos' in here... )

Let me know -
Gidday mate,let me know when you can possibly start selling batteys to fellow solo pilots located in Queensland thanks.
@justin clark - Mate, Thanks for your interest.

I suppose I'm OK posting you a couple of these Batteries, if you wanna take the plunge first.

I was keen more-so to 'prove myself' as a reliable and dependable source for these Batteries to everyone on this Forum, by serving all of the Solo Pilots located here in Melbourne first.

As already stated, once I had managed to establish a decent reputation in this role, it was only then that I was really keen to serve all of the other Solo Pilots across Australia - as they too, would then have little difficulty themselves, 'making this leap of faith'.

However, the interest so far has been a little lacklustre -

So, I suppose that I am indeed going to have to expand my considerations for these 'first-in-line' Customers - to include Solo Pilot's living outside of Melbourne, such as yourself.

To ensure that your risk is minimised as-best-as-I-can-offer, I think the best idea would be to give you the opportunity to choose exactly how you would prefer to obtain a Battery from me.

By this, I mean one of two choices ;

- I simply ship to you a Completely-Sealed / Never-Opened Battery,
- Or I do you the courtesy and open the Battery, charge-gently-discharge/cycle it three times, and then give it that well known 48 hour float-charge/balance/calibration - as per those renowned instructions found in this thread here - in order for us both to be certain that you are getting nothing but gold, all before packing it back into its original box and then shipping it to you.

The same offer I originally stated, per warranty for refund or exchange, would still apply to you - again, 'Dealer's choice'.

Let me know what you think -


'Real Solo Pilots, bust Propellors for Breakfast'
@Solo-Loco Thanks for your kind and detailed reply to my PM.
I understand your desire for all to see your transactions as open and up front.

Yes, I am very interested in at least 4 batteries to begin with, but as I stated, I am am a long long way from Melbourne, on the Capricorn coast, Queensland.

If you can let me know of your preferred payment method I can organise funds.
I have PayPal and can do a PayPal transfer which is the easiest for me.
Or a direct deposit.
Either way.

looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for your interest.

As per above, what are your thoughts per my initial handling of your order?

Would you like me to first open up each Box and charge/gently-discharge each Battery three times, followed by a 48-Hour float-charge/balance/conditioning-cycle - just to ensure that each Battery of yours, comes up as 'N1 104%' mint - and then pack each Battery back into its original Box, all before shipping them up to you?

Some additional information ;

- When I say charge/gently-discharge three times, I mean charge each Battery using the stock 3DR Battery Charger for eight hours, and then simply allow each Battery to 'gently discharge' on a switched-on Solo that is armed and on the ground, but never fires up its motors.
- Upon reaching 15% remaining charge, I would then remove each Battery and wait two hours before repeating the entire charge/gently-discharging cycle again.
- Once the third cycle has completed its final 'gentle discharge' down to 15% and finished its respective final FIVE hour relax period, I would then put each Battery on charge for the 48-Hour float-charge/balance/conditioning process.
- Each Battery would then be removed from the Charger, placed back into its respective Box and then shipped to you - already charged and balanced, and obviously ready for immediate flight.
- At no stage would any Battery 'leave the ground' for a flight of any kind, and of course, all of the original seals, original plastic protection found around each Battery, and original plastic bag covering the entire Box would remain, and be shipped to you in original pristine condition.

The other option of course, is that I simply ship each of the Batteries up to you, exactly as you see them within the Photos - untouched, unopened and maintaining that whole 'factory-sealed freshness'.

I would prefer to do you the favour and courtesy of pre-cycling the Batteries for you, as at least this way I know that I'm definately limiting the possibility of having to deal with any additionally unnecessary shipping - as by pre-cycling them for you, I'm then reasonably confident myself that there shouldn't be any need to exchange any of the Batteries that I've sent up to you.

Chew this over first, and once agreed - we'll then move onto organising a catch-up on the phone to facilitate payment and shipping.
Hi Solo-Loco,

Would prefer it if you just sent the batteries as is in the box.
I have the chargers, Solo Tool, etc to setup and condition the batteries.
So the 'factory sealed freshness' is fine with me.

If you like you can do 2 of the batteries cycled if you really want to show me the difference.
Mike, sounds great -

( No problems, as I understand that for some - 'Nothing beats straight off the Showroom Floor, with Zero-K's-on-the-Clock'... )

Let me know how many you are keen for - and we'll move quick-smart towards a chat on the Phone, to organise everything forward from here.

I am formally on the way back to Melbourne as of this afternoon, and as such, will pick-up anything further to be resolved - first thing with all of you, 8am on Saturday Morning AEST.

In the meantime, please continue with your resolved requests for Batteries as per below - and I look forward to assisting each of you in a couple of days from now -
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Thanks Solo-Loco,

I am interested in getting 4 from you initially.
There are other Solo users up here of my acquaintance that will probably want some as well but I am away this weekend and won't get to talk to them until next week.

So just 4 for me for now.

Thanks for clarifying your request, and furthermore - I have received all of your preferred contact details within your recent PM to me.

I also really dig what you're up to, way up there up the tippee-top of Queensland, ( couldn't help but take a quick-squiz at your Website ), and I gotta say that I'm pretty jealous of that Tarot Octo' you've also got up there, 'just loosely hanging around...'
( How 'bout we swap? You know - I'll take it off your hands for those four Batteries you're after... )
Yeah, right! He says...

I'll shoot a quick SMS across to your Mobile tomorrow morning - a little after 9am - and once you've had your Saturday Morning wake up coffee, give me a Call and we'll thrash out all of the necessary details to get all four of these Batteries up to you pronto.

Enjoy your End-of-the-week-Beer(s) tonight, and looking forward to catching up with you in the morning.
@mike -

I sent an SMS to you 'As Advertised' on Saturday Morning, but never heard back from you -

After I read from your above post - Post#13 - that you were going to be away for the Weekend, I thought nothing more about it - Until...

Until I realised that I had in fact, sent an SMS to the wrong number!

I've just sent you another SMS - So the sencond you receive it, give me a Call and we'll get this order moving up to you quick-smart.

Hear from you shortly -
@mike -

Mate, it was really great to finally catch-up with you on the phone a couple of nights ago.

As discussed, those four brand spankin' new Batteries you requested - they're now in the hands of Australia Post.

I'll send you an SMS a little later on today, ( with the Tracking Details for this consignment ) - so you can watch them coming from me, all the way up to the tippee-top of Queensland to your Front Door.

Can't wait for you to get'em, so you can independantly spruik utterly each and every one of your god-honest thoughts - surrounding this purchase of yours.

Last edited:

I've just sent you that SMS I promised you, with the Australia Post Tracking Number that you'll be no doubt - keen to be watching out for.
( And just to get the 'tingles-in-the-tummy' going as well, check out the Photo below - )

Good Luck opening this up when you get it too - as I've used more Bubble-Wrap and Packing Tape on it, than what you'd see on a Columbian Cocaine Shipment...


  • IMG_2438.JPG
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I've just had a quick-look at your Shipment, and it's sitting up there right next to you in Rockhampton.

Probably'll be on your Doorstep on Monday, with a little bit of luck -

Can't wait to see how you go, on two fronts ;

( 1 ) - Getting each of these Batteries cycled-up past five charge/discharge counts, so you can share your honest thoughts about them.

( 2 ) - Getting that package open, past the six kilometres of Packing Tape and Bubble-Wrap I used to secure it...

I'm dying to hear what you think -

For what it's worth, I'm now comfortably achieving twenty minutes of flight time on these Batteries, now that I'm back here in Melbourne at Sea Level.

Twenty minutes of flight time ;
Performed at a 25m hover, in conditions 'as windless as possible' - on a completely stock 3DR Solo, running stock 3DR Props, with no Camera or Gimbal attached, using the latest stock 3DR Firmware...

With a little over seventeen minutes on the Stopwatch, I'm finding hits the fifteen percent Battery Warning, with five percent remaining at landing for more than twenty minutes aloft.

So, in the meantime - let me know Australia - anyone else here keen for a new Battery or two?
Hi @Solo-Loco
Would be interested in a a few batteries myself if you had some left? Struggling to get my hands on some anywhere.
Let me know

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