1. S

    Anyone in Australia in need of a brand new 'Battery-or-two'?

    Take a gander at my new post, over in the Classifieds Section ; Attention - All ‘Down Under' Solo Pilots, BRAND NEW BATTERIES! - ( Sealed in original Retail Packaging. ) Cheers, Solo-Loco 'Real Solo Pilots, bust Propellors for Breakfast'
  2. S

    Attention - All ‘Down Under' Solo Pilots, BRAND NEW BATTERIES! - ( Sealed in original Retail Packaging. )

    G'day, Yup - I'm pretty new to this Forum, ( having only just landed my first pair of Solos a short while ago. ) Nevertheless, beyond my recent purchase of a pair of Solos - I have also just secured a small quantity of brand new and unopened, ( completely sealed in original retail packaging )...
  3. Grant Norton

    3DR Orig Solo Backpack.

    Selling my 3DR Solo backpack and 1 extra flight battery and charger. Will ship it where needed or if you are local to me NC will meet. I work for the airlines so I get a discount at fed ex and discount 2 day shipping. Great pack to protect your drone when running about. Sorry but I went to...
  4. S

    Best charging practices

    I have a Solo with 6 batteries; I use the UAS about twice a month, as part of my video production business. Because there is a fair amount of time between charges, the batteries are usually about 3/4 full when it's time to prep for a shoot the night before. Am I shortening the life of these...
  5. Ivan Riobla

    Battery down in 3, 2 , 1 ..... solo software problem ?

    So i took the solo for a flight the battery went down in seconds , later i put the battery to charge i took it out for another flight and from the normal 10 / 14 minute flight time down to only 2 minutes max. two days later i charge the battery again took the drone out and just went up about...
  6. W

    Solo Accessories for Sale - Like New. batt, antenna, filter, backpack, props, Relish3D, hood

    Hello, I have many 3DR Solo accessories for sale. I purchased insurance for my Solo upon purchase from in May 2017. I was having FPV live video feed issues with Solo so I sent it in for repairs. The decision was to refund the purchase price of the drone. I had purchased many...
  7. tickingheart


    Looking for accessories to complete drone (Such as Backpack, extra batteries etc...) Open to buying slightly used parts. Current shipping is 26260 :)
  8. tickingheart

    wtb, looking for, looking to buy

    Looking to buy a gimbal, backpack, go pro hero 3 or 4, props, batteries, chargers. (May also be looking for solo drone, possible wifi) Thanks for any help, ideas, or leads :)
  9. june03dr

    Can i calibrate solo battery?

    I have a question about calibrating my solo batteries. I understand dji batteries can be calebrated but can i calibrate my solo batteries as well and how?
  10. Doug Benson

    What the hell is wrong with the Batteries failing so fast!

    I have 2 Solos and 5 batteries... 1 Solo and 4 Batteries are just under 1 and a half years old. 2 of them crash almost immediately cant do more than maybe 2.5 minutes of video and I better be landing super fast or I'm falling out of the sky. WTF? The other 3, 2 of which last about 10 minutes if...
  11. R

    Solo Super Bundle. Includes GoPro H4Black,3 batts, Backpack, AND selling 3 Gimbals; 1 NIB, 2 used.

    I am selling my backup Solo bundle. It's a full set setup which includes a Solo (only flown about an hour total just to test it and not crashed. It's perfect) 3 batts (used maybe twice each), literally like new backpack, 3 sets of props, chargers, etc. This is all literally new, minus an hour...
  12. J

    How to store Batteries

    I store them at 50% charge
  13. MRoD

    SOLO Battery draining rapidly

    A weird thing occurred today. I took off as always, everything started up as it should, I had a fully charged battery and took it up around 50ft and started fly to my destination around 20ft and I saw the battery go from 96% to 15% in 1minute. I have never had the battery drain so fast. Has...
  14. C

    Batteries wanted

    I just got my Drone a week or so ago. I have three batteries but would like at least two more. Paypal ready. They would be going to Glendale, AZ 85308 Thanks!!
  15. C

    Ideas for charging batteries while on long road trip?

    I am planning on driving for 7 straight days in a campervan in Iceland. I have a 3DR solo and 5 batteries but I am certain I will need to have all 5 charged each day because there is something amazing in Iceland every 10 feet. I am driving a minivan with standard power options. Aside from...
  16. vladiator

    Battery Cases for Travelling

    Hey all, gonna be travelling with Solo for the upcoming holidays. I'm looking to buy a good fire-retardant battery bag. Found a few on amazon...anyone know of a good one that is sized well for solo batteries by chance? I have two batteries. Thanks!
  17. A

    Battery run out faster than normal

    I was flying and at 35% I started receiving the battery alert so I tried to get the drone back to landing, it wasn't far and in a matter of a minute the battery went from 35% to 10% and when it was like 10ft above the ground it went from 10% to 2% and landed. It was a new battery and it was...
  18. V

    Holiday Air Travels with Solo

    In preparation for holiday travels, I found this great blog post on carrying batteries on planes in the US. Traveling with Lithium-ion polymer batteries (LiPo)Traveling with Lithium-ion polymer batteries (LiPo) In general: 1) You shouldn't have any problems taking Solo batteries through...
  19. S

    Solo Battery Storage

    I have read that the Solo batteries require special care when storing for days / weeks at a time. Some of the threads contradict each other as to the best method. Any guidance is appreciated...
  20. DroniRoma

    Invitation to LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey

    Hi folks! We just launched the LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey on Google Forms. LiPo Fire Accident Free Assessment The purpose of the Assessment is to build and share a free data base to document, analyse and increase awareness of LiPo Fires accidents happening worldwide...