Solo Battery Excitement

Mar 13, 2022
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Needed at quick flight to test a tweak on the RTK enabled Solo. The JB external BMS battery was at storage, so took the "best" (not saying much) bench battery which was fully charged. Took off and within a minute or so it was down to 50%, so initiated land. She landed fine, but at the exact moment a RTH kicked in and up she went,
using what little battery was left to take off. At the end of RTL, Solo ran out of juice and dropped in from maybe 2' - no damage. But I now see that a RTH event will over ride a land in progress...I was actually on the ground when the above happened.

A look at the BCL readout in MP showed cell #4 crapping out a minute in, and rode right down to 2V. The other three cells were fading normally.

Time for the Glue Buster.

Everyone in the community is becoming very aware of this battery issue - NO JOKE, don't attempt any serious flying any more with original packs. In my case this was a backyard flight. As one of my old professors said : "A word to the wise is often sufficient".

HNY to all 3DR pilots in 2024!
You can override the RTL and take control by pressing the Fly button or change modes with one of the Mode buttons.

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