1. DeadBeatDaddy

    3 red lights and one white- after boot sequence

    search the threads and had no luck finding anything but my bird had the mentioned light set up after the initial green glow sequence of boot it's been factory reset- if that does anything if someone possibly had the lights configured prior but otherwise, I want to know what gives I don't use...
  2. Remifrog

    Help with wifi connection.

    Hi, i've just bought a 3dr Solo and im new to drones. I have a problem connecting my device to the controller wifi. I have an Asus Zenfone 2, and every time i try to connect to the wifi it says it has authentication error. I hope you guys can help me. Thanks!
  3. A

    Gimbal acting weird - is it salvageable?

    Im new, please go easy & pretend I don't know anything - cause I basically don't. My gimbal points up to the underside of the drone and is unresponsive to the controller. The led on the back of the gimbal randomly switches between breathing green and breathing red lights. Even when green, its...
  4. satanas56

    3dr solo gimbal tilt problem no issue [ FIX IT SOLVED!!!]

    hello my drone 3dr solo worked very well.... (15 flights) but after no connections with the controller so i' ve removed the battery's controler (rc remote)for 1 minute and my problem is apparead: i can't use the manual button(the button is working) but i can't stay at the indicated angle of...
  5. J

    SOLVED: WAITING FOR SOLO (Bricked Controller)

    How to fix a Bricked Controller (Be Brave!)\ The telltale signs: No Wifi. Won't connect to solo. THE SOLUTION - (3 Steps) 1. Remove Battery from Controller and Replace after 15ish seconds.(No reason for 15, it just sounds good.) See if it's working. (Sometimes this will work sometimes it...
  6. D

    Done Leveling/Centering Changing Over Time

    So I just recently got a C250 V2 Racing Drone and decided to get it set up with clean flight. I did everything the manufacture recommended for setup, however, I still have a major problem. The drone seems to lose its self-level over time. I'm not in manual or horizon mode because I have those...
  7. A

    Solo battery doesn't release all the way

    Hello all, I have owned my Solo for a few weeks now and yesterday once I got done flying I went to take the battery out as usual. Now normally I hit the release and slide the battery out no issue but for some reason my battery will no longer release all the way and feels like it is being caught...
  8. SteveReno

    having video feed problems"

    If your video feed is Rolling, freezing, Stopping. I have a fix that worked for many Solo users. I always assumed that the problems mentioned above, where do the HDMI connection at the Gimbal side of the HDMI cable. It was the first place i would checked for a bad connection. I have had to...
  9. Daniel Lang

    My iPhone 6 Plus will not detect the solo controller

    I'm firing up my Solo and controller for the very first time. I have the latest version of software installed. But when I turn on the controller, Solo is not detected in my phone's Bluetooth settings. It simply will not detect the controller. What am I doing wrong?
  10. B

    Disarm mid flight

    My solo has now disarmed itself 3 times mid-flight, while on auto mode. The first time I managed to save it by boosting the throttle (I suspect this happened because Solo was close), 2nd and 3rd time not so lucky... Battery connection, GPS, Compass cali, telemetry, all in order during these...
  11. C

    Setting's Issue or Solo? Flutter in video

    All, Looking for some help with my set up. Have been doing a bunch of shooting with my Hero 4 Silver, settings at 2.7K, 30 FPS, please have a look at the video, should there really be that much "flutter" in the video? Is there and post editing that can be done to remove/dissipate this? I have...
  12. Tinku Choudhury

    Solo preflight update issue...

    I'm Tinku from Bangladesh. I got my first solo feb 23, 2016 and still stuck with preflight update :p im using iphone 6s. the problem is, it start updating, after few minutes it says no internet connection..... im useing broadband+router=wifi :) i have gopro 4 black and solo gimble attached with...
  13. B

    Strange Battery Behavior

    I had two fully charged batteries this morning. After exhausting the first, I put in the second. It immediately went down to one flashing light and less than 10% charge. I took the battery out of the copter but it continues to flash the one LED light. Pushing the the battery button does...
  14. A

    Full Battery, Solo says 0%

    I finally got my Solos Compass calibrated and it says my battery is too low for flight. I tried both of my batteries that are at 100% and it still says on the app that the battery is at 0%. What should I check? Thanks a lot
  15. RolandS888

    GP4B heat contributing to video issues

    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing something like this. I am having intermittent video issues when I am in the air and I think I may have found the problem.. The transmitted picture may roll (as in vertical hold problem), fragment, freeze, or just go black. Telemetry is all good, no gps...
  16. T

    3DR NO RETURN / NO EXCHANGE POLICY on Iris+ @ Fry's!

    Has anyone heard or know more about this? I purchased a 3DR Iris+ on 10-4-15 from Fry's. I drove over an hour to get the location and as soon as I walked into the lobby I got a call that my oldest daughters water had just broken and my first grandson was on his way! I rushed back to the camera...