1. R

    Looking for Help/advice new enthusiast

    Durring a clearing of an office space with items doomed for the dump my son came across a 3dr solo that had been crashed and never flown again. After some quick tinkering the unit powered and shut down. It seems that it never made it past start up due to a fault. After removing motors...
  2. Kevin15664

    Gimbal Delete?

    Hi guys! My first of hopefully many posts here. Your forum was the deciding factor for me when I got my 3DR and I love it. I've owned it for 3 days and I've upgraded the GPS and antenna. I primarily use it for surf fishing. My question to yall is: Is there a way to delete the gimbal? or go...
  3. IrishmanPDX

    Meet the family

    Hey, I swear, I don't have a problem........

    Build Quality.....

    since I now have my own issues with a perfect flying setup- TWO I might add- totalling $375 for a single SOLO revB with FPVLRs in an OEM backpak and a broken propped Solo revA with gimbal- both working!!! after making the mistake of placing the bird WITH GIMBAL on sport mode in a wide open...
  5. F

    Major video distortion

    Hi, I've read on several threads that action cams with HDMI out work with the Solo, and since a GoPro is a bit spendy, I hoped to use one of these less expensive devices. I hooked the device up to my new Solo, powered up in the recommended order, and was presented with video like the screenshot...
  6. K

    Best GoPro knockoff?

    Hey guys, I just got my first Solo and I'm looking to get a decent GoPro knockoff. I'm seriously considering the GitUp cameras because of how tinker-friendly they are, and I've also looked at the SJCAM SJ4000. Are there any big issues with either of those options? My main concern is: - Does it...
  7. C

    Use 3DR Solo for advanced mapping

    Guys, I have a solo drone. Didn't buy a Go Pro yet or a Gimbal. I need to use solo for mapping. Here are my basic requirements. Calculate distance between 2 points. Calculate area of a selected section. (like area of a forest which hard to measure by ground) Height of a pile of sand and rocks...
  8. C

    Need a gopro alternative. The cheapest one only for FPV purpose without gimbal

    Guys, I need a help. I have a solo and I need a camera only for FPV purpose. I have no gimbal. So I need a camera which can use with default solo camera mount. No need to be 4k. I just need to use that for have a view of the surrounding when i'm flying. I have Alfa long range antennas. So fpv is...
  9. K

    3DR Tarot gimbal on Solo

    hey all, New to the forum and new to the 3DR. Couldn’t pass it up brand new with out the gimbal for $100 w/ free shipping. Not new to drones however as I have a Yuneec Typhoon. I was wondering if I could rig a Tarot T-2D gimbal to the Solo? The solo gimbals seem to be a few hundred bucks at...
  10. tickingheart

    WTB Hero

    Looking for Go pro Hero (Open to types and slightly used if in good condition.) Current zip 26260 :)
  11. M

    Solo with ACME VR06 not working

    Hey guys, i just bought the Acme vr06 4k action cam yesterday for my solo (there is a micro hdmi on the camera) but its not working. I plugged into the solo hdmi and i see nothing on my phone. What is the problem?
  12. F

    Can't stream video to my iPhone

    I had the Solo app connected but when I pressed Fly Solo on the app to view the camera it opened the camera for a second and then it closed. This kept happening. I tried opening and closing the app, rebooting the phone and rebooting Solo and the controller. Still no go. I checked the HDMI cable...
  13. H

    Newest Drone for Beginners

    For drone beginners or if you just want something different, Hover Camera is an interesting option, it's a flying camera that can fly really close to you, and you can grab it with your bare hand without getting hurt. Also, it can take 13MP photos and 4K vids, although 4K isn’t stabilized. I...
  14. TheEyeOfHorus

    GoPro Replacement

    I just recently got word back after mine was on a cable cam and decided to take a dive in the river without responding to controls, they are NOT going to replace my camera... anyone have where it states in the warranty? I'm seeing it all throughout google searches but I need it in the warranty...
  15. 1

    Solo’s Camera Potential

    Hi everyone. I thought that GoPro was the only camera that fitted the gimbal. But I found some news from last year that cameras that fit the hardcase for GoPro will fit, also that if you have the time it's possible to develop a own gimbal and make it work for the platform. I will test a...
  16. A

    Streaming to laptop live video?

    hi guys I'm 14 and I'm wondering - is it possible to stream live video to a laptop, while still having live video on the phone?
  17. G

    Gitup Git2 camera live view?

    The Gitup Git2 camera that has been mentioned on other forum discussions interests me for my 3DR Solo. I have not seen any information if this camera will support Live View (FPV) to my cell phone on the controller? I've purchased other GoPro knock-off cameras and had no luck with FPV working...
  18. L

    Using an Edison board with Solo

    Hi everyone. I am looking to use this breakout board for Solo 3DR Solo Accessory Breakout Board to connect to an Edison board, to which I plan to connect a camera for vision processing. Does this sound like a feasible idea? I am pretty new to this, so I'd like to know my plan has some hope of...
  19. A

    3dr please offer a alternative camera

    I actually bought the solo because I was long term GoPro user and fan, however after seeing the photo quality from the dji phantom I am very disappointed with my solo GoPro combination. I'd like to replace my GoPro hero 4 black with a higher quality digital camera on my solo such as the Sony...
  20. B

    Peau Customer Service - How it's Done!

    Just want to share my recent experience with Peau Productions and their customer service. Last week I sent my GoPro Hero4 Black to Peau Productions to have the lens replaced with their 3.97mm 16MP lens. The camera was to arrive at Peau on Tuesday. I was out of the country and when I returned...