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    The GoPro needs to Go Away!

    I put way to much faith in the GoPro when choosing to go with the SOLO, and I am regretting it the more I work with the footage in post. Almost everything else about the SOLO is perfect, but at the end of the day the GoPro footage just doesn't cut it. We need the ability for a new camera to be...
  2. G

    Power 5V camera from Solo....

    I want to power a 5v camera (Mapir) mounted to my Solo rather than using the battery. Anyone done this before and could provide a guide? Thanks
  3. J

    using a mirrorless/compact system camera on the Solo - anyone tried it?

    I've got my gimbal finally and have been massively enjoying shooting anything and everything, but of course my mind goes to "what's next?". Given the power and flight-time of the gopro equipped Solo, I'm pretty sure this platform could pretty easily support a larger camera. Has anyone tested...