Sun Visor Anti-Glare Kit – UNIVERSAL Tablet Version

Jul 1, 2015
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Bend Oregon
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Kit is $21 Delivered

3DR SOLO Drone Sun Visor Anti-Glare Kit – UNIVERSAL Tablet Version - Free US Postal Delivery

Kit Includes - Two Sun Visor Hoods & One Vinyl Controller Skin Decal 'Stealth Black'

FREE 'Drone Boost'
This is a GPS Fix specifically for the 3DR SOLO. Watch the YouTube install video

Can be purchases al la carte $5 - Please visit our eBay Store

Tired of the glare while trying to fly your NEW 3DR Solo Drone?

  • This kit contains 2 flat black, vinyl laminated, card stock sun visors and one Stealth Black controller decal skin. To assist in reducing heat under the hood the exterior side of the sun visor shield is white.
  • The hood/visor is entirely ‘pre-creased’ for very easy assembly and tape is also ‘pre-applied’ to hold edges tight and clean post assembly/installation. You can also use without tape for portability. The visor is made 100# Card Stock and 3M Laminated Black Vinyl. Very durable! Pre-Creased and Cut on a CNC machine.
  • The ‘Stealth Black’ Decal Skin will greatly reduce the glare coming from the surface of the controller allowing you to far better focus on the screen. This decal is fully cut as comes attached to a ‘clear pre-mask’ for easy installation.
  • Fits all tablets that can attach to the SOLO Drone CONTROLLER FPV bracket
  • Attaches to controller and not your tablet
Assembly Directions ( Hood) – Pre-Creased card stock at all crease points and form into its basic shape, black should be to the inside. Once satisfied with the shape release the tape mask(s) and apply pressure to activate the adhesive. NO TOOLS, Knifes or Scissors required.

Controller Decal Skin comes with an install 'Pre-Mask' atop the decal, making the installation much easier and cleaner.

This adds to the cost of the decal and is why most other decals available do not come with a Pre-Mask.
Please see the video for detailed information.

Decal Install Tutorial Video
- Please watch to ensure clean install

Fits: Tablet /Mini iPad Version - UNIVERSAL

Comes with 'Stealth Black Skin' shown in PIC 1

Thanks for looking and Safe Flying!

We are an Oregon Company, So NO SALES TAX

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