SOLD Full Solo package including Hero 4 black, ZTE Tablet, MA props, backpack etc SOLD

Jan 18, 2017
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Selling a fully equipped package that you will need nothing else to fly this bird.

First off a 3DR Solo Backpack kit as purchased from Best Buy
This version is the updated one that came with the black Rev B gps board.
I've removed that board and installed an mRO GPS board with the 3DR V2 shield

Listing what is included with this package.

latest revision 3DR Solo
mRO GPS/Glonass board
3DR V2 Shield
5 3DR 5200mAh flight batteries with approx 5 cycles each. Never taken below 30%. I land early.
3 3DR flight pack chargers
Solo Controller with the 3DR 5200 mAh Li Ion battery (stock is 2600mAh and is included as well)
Solo controller battery charger
Alpha Patch antenna's for the controller. Stock stubbies included as well
GoPro Hero 4 Black with 1 battery and a Sandisk 32gb memory card
GoPro Waterproof case
Gopro Wireless remote with charging cable.

Polar Pro Prop Guards used twice
AT&T Trek 2 HD Tablet. Perfect for the Solo App and Solex. AT&T with unlock code if you use a different carrier and want to install a sim card. I just used Wifi. You can install a working sim card and get data out in the field if needed.

1 unopened Master Airscrew Prop set
1 used in perfect shape Master Airscrew prop set
2 factory prop sets.
1 spare leg set (contains 2 legs), new in the box

1 new in the box brushless gimbal as a spare.
1 newly installed brushless gimbal. The factory installed one was not working right after I manhandled it.
1 factory fixed GoPro mount where you can use other cameras.

Everything is in pretty darn near new condition and the copter has been flown 20 short line of site flights.
Its solid, especially with the mRO GPS board and factory V2 shield.

The autopilot firmware revision is 1.5.3 which is the latest release. If you have been following the threads here, you will see that this revision is much better than the stock 1.3.1 that 3DR released for the Solo before halting all development for the consumer space.

I rate this kit as a solid 9 out of 10, with the 1 point deduction from simply being taken out of the box and flown.

I have perfect feedback ratings on (201) and (12) if you need to see those.
Same userid here and there.

I will only ship to the Continental US and this will be sold as a complete kit. Not parting it out.
If she doesn't sell, then I have another solid copter to fly when the weather gets better. :)

Price is $550 (SOLD) shipped to anywhere in the Continental US.
Paypal accepted with no fee's to the buyer.

Please note that this will require careful packing/boxing and I work a full time job.
This means that I would not be able to pack and ship until the weekend. I get home from work around 6 to 6:30pm each week night and that leaves no time to get to the shippers.

I will ship many of the accessories via a large USPS Flat rate box and then pack the solo in the backpack in a large box with packing peanuts. So you will receive two packages, one from USPS Priority and the other via the least expensive method, be that USP/FEDEX ground or via the Post office. If you need speedier shipping, add an extra $30 to cover faster shipping.

Please note that you will absolutely need to perform a compass and level calibration before you fly this.
Its been calibrated for my location and I highly recommend you do so where you live. Do it outside well away from any metal objects that may affect the compass accuracy. You cannot calibrate inside your garage, or next to your car, etc. Too much metal nearby will affect the accuracy. Do not take off until you have at least 8 or 9 sat locks. Just my recommendations and experience with multi rotors using GPS for accuracy. You will typically see 14 or more Sat locks within a few minutes if you are in a wide open field with a clear view of the sky all around.

This copter flies perfectly and I can take a video of it if you wish, but please note, you own it once you open the box. You are responsible for calibrating the level and compass after it warms up to normal outside temps. I don't recommend you calibrate a cold copter, no matter what brand it is. Especially DJI's ;)

As always, any questions, please feel free to contact me via messaging in this thread, or a private message.
We can exchange email addresses via this site's "Conversations" button.

thanks for looking.


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Dec 10, 2016
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I'm in France. So are you OK to send me your pack whitout tablette and GoPro ?
Jan 18, 2017
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I'm going to make someone an offer they can't refuse, and include an extra battery, used twice, and an extra main flight pack charger just taken out of the box and used over the past weekend.
Plus an extra set of Master Airscrew props.

$550 shipped for everything to the CONUS ONLY.
Paypal with no fee's to the buyer.

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