Need props in Iceland near Akureyri

Aug 21, 2016
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Hi guys,

while landing my Solo flipped over today and the probs broke on a stone. :( As I am here on vacation I don't have 4 replacement probs here with me.

Is there anyone around who has some or does now where I can buy some probs?

Many thanks in advance
sorry to hear that. you should always carry spare props. always.

there are people always coming and going to iceland, but solo spare props in short notice...thats a tall order. there are few hobby stores in Reykjavik.
I just had 2 replacement probs with me but lessons learned. Next time will have much more with me. :)

I already checked out the website from the drone stores in Reykjavik - no solo :(
IME anything that fits a DJI also fits solo. The DJI type are a tight fit and may require some light reaming at the base but they fit. They are just props and any the right size and pitch with a 6m hole will work as long as they will go over the larger base part of the shaft. I use carbon slow fly props on mine and it's a lot quieter. You just need to pick up some 6m prop nuts and you can use practically any prop you want. Note that a lot of the DJI props are 9 inch and the solo will have to work harder to lift off so choose something in the 10 to 11 range that fits. If there is an RC shop there they likely have something that fits, they need don't to say solo or 3dr on them anywhere to work.
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Wow, thanks. That's a great tip. Will try it out next time I'm out of probs. :) currently no stores nearby - nature pure. Trying to climb and film a bit now ;)

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