Looking for help -- two crashes in two days

Mar 15, 2016
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I’m having a problem with my 3DR Solo. It set on the shelf for several years, but I recently got it out and put it working order. I’m using up to date Solex software on a Samsung Galexy 10e phone, and Open Solo 4 firmware. Everything calibrated nicely and that system (Drone, original 3DR controller (also updated with Open Solo 4 firmware) and Solex on my phone) has successfully worked and flew well on a few trial missions.

But now I’ve had crashes on successive days. After flying for a few minutes yesterday, I lifted off into a standard hover, and the drone took off on its own in uncontrolled flight, flying in an ever widening circle and gaining speed. It was not responding to the controller, but eventually I was able to get it down in a less than pretty landing, after it touched down it flipped over on it hind legs (away from camera end).

Brought it back home, cleaned it up, recalibrated level and waited to fly again.

Today, I lifted off to a standard hover and it flew in a less than stable position for about 5 minutes. I landed and took off again, and within seconds the uncontrolled circular flight began again. Because it was very low, and I was expecting the behavior, I was able to bring it down, but it had enough side momentum to catch in the grass and go belly up.

Has anyone experienced similar behavior and more importantly what do I need to do to get back to stable flight?

Any help greatly appreciated!
what was the error/warning messages on controller?
1. entered some flight mode,
2. magnetometer/compass
Moorer52: Does your Solo contain a stock GPS board from 3DR, or has that been replaced with a GPS board from mRo? If the latter, please note that some people here have said that their mRo boards were set by default to receive three constellations, and that overwhelms Solo's brain sometimes, causing what feels like a fly-away. This can be prevented by following mRo's instructions to set their GPS board to receive only two constellations. Disclaimer: If the above is wrong, fear not, somebody here will correct me.
Thanks for the feedback. This is what I know:

I was flying in an open field designated for RC planes at a nearby park, so no metal or EMI close by. I had 11 sats on GPS, and I'm using the stock GPS board from 3DR.

I downloaded video from one of the errant flights and the drone yawed and looked away from me without command, which upped my hackles. The question that makatanav asked about entering a Flight Mode, is that possible without me doing it? and just in case is there anyway to delete old flight mode plans without flying? Are they stored in Solex somewhere?
Just an old fart here, commenting. If you are in say GPS mode, and for some reason it looses too many satellites, or there is a problem with link, it will switch back to stabilize and will wander. As far as I understand.
I completed a factory reset (much easier than I'd anticipated), and a level and compass calibrations and took it out. Flew really well and as stable as it has been since I brought it back out of the box a couple of months ago!

Thanks to all for the suggestions and advice. This forum has always been very helpful.

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