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Is there any way to disarm "on-the-fly"?

Discussion in 'Iris+ Help' started by AlexStoker, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. AlexStoker

    Jun 5, 2016
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    Hi everyone. I've just bought mine IRIS few days ago. First test flight was 100% successful - I've tested Std and Ltr flight modes, both Rtl and Channel7 commands. But today's flight went wrong from the very beginning - the drone was very unstable in both modes (Std and Ltr) - drifting randomly in horizontal and vertical directions. The reason may be in environmental factors. I will try to select more clear space for the future flight, but one important question has appeared for me. I have barely managed to touch the ground after several tries. But the drone did not want to turn it's motors off. I've tried to hold left stick completely down, left stick completely down&left - no reaction. Furthermore, looks like it felt himself "on-the-fly" and tried to jump continuously. To avoid any possible damage I had to take a risk and press "disarm" button on IRIS itself while motors were spinning.
    So, the main question for me is: "is there any magic combo that allows to disarm IRIS while in air?" I know that would lead to drone damage, but sometimes that can be a better choice.