Virgin Iris+ with all the fixens- wanting to build it, fly it, then sell it.

Dec 20, 2023
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Picked up a one owner, never flown he says, Iris +, charger and batteries, controller, with Gopro liveview kit, tarot 3DR gimbal for gopro3, a gopro 3+, a Black pearl 7" screen, a nexus with GPS, extra arms and props all in a hard case.. I have the original shipping invoices totaling over 1500$ minus the gopro 3+ and nexus.
I'm wanting to take time over xmas to assemble everything and verify it works. I'm fairly sharp but wondering how easy it is going to be to find all the updates required?
Where is the best link to guide me?
My take un things is this guy had more money than time and patience and when he found out all these parts require quite a bit of work to get operational jsut didn't finish. He has installed some software on the nexus but that appears to be about it.
Thanks for any help the ELK
Your Iris+ should fly fine without issue. At some point you will want to update the Arducopter firmware - done via the USB port on the side.
The batteries will be an issue. The original 3DR batteries are ancient now and not really safe to fly other than to test. I have several here, and they were never abused - only good for a couple minutes loiter.

Mission Planner will be your new best friend with the Iris+. I have two and fly both on a regular basis.

Ask questions! GL!
Yes ive read these batteries were not the best. I haven't even tried to charge them yet. Anyway to know the battery condition without flying with them?
It's almost impossible to tell without a load test. They will probably charge right up to 4.2V / cell,
but just not have the capacity any more. I would set very conservative battery low failsafe conditions and stay low and close.
cells in both batteries were 3.2 volts in all cells. seemed to charge up ok. I used my own charger with cell balance connector.. I'm not sure how the one in the Iris kit could balance without the breakout pigtail.? T
It does seem a bit daunting to install the software, gimbal, GoPro, 7" screen on the controller, wiring, radios, gps antennas and all.
I have built some DLG gliders , I fly a mini2 a bit, and am not a total newbie to RC. Need to read the gimbal install manual so I take all the bits I need on trip to grandmas house.
Yeah, if those 3DR packs were sitting at 3.2V / cell they are tired for sure.
Before worrying about the gimbal, tablet, etc. I'd just see how it flies to get used to the controller and switches.

Keep an eye on the battery voltage as displayed by the telemetry - those old batteries can crash without warning ... been there, Iris dropped with no power, fortunately into a shrub and didn't even break a prop.

thanks for the battery link... I ordered 1
Maybe I test how the batts do in an old foamy trainer
thanks for the battery link... I ordered 1
Maybe I test how the batts do in an old foamy trainer
...or hit them with a known heavy load if you can. I use loads built by paralleling 22 watt incandescent tail-light auto bulbs...enough to draw 10 or 12 amps at ~12V. But, yeah, we already know old 3DR batteries aren't safe for serious flying! Good on ordering up a new pack.

I've always used aftermarket battery chargers...I don't think I even ever looked at the original Iris+ flight battery charger; it's probably here somewhere -- but you're telling me the 3DR charger doesn't have a balance port for 3S? That's wild.

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