Jan 7, 2016
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First time seen a vid posted from FB. Looked really bad, until i clicked setting, then HD. Looks better. Read up on GoPro settings.
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How to make sure video links from face book play in HD as default . . .
I did some research on video quality out of Facebook when posting to other sites. When linking a video from Facebook to a site such as this one follow the following steps.

1) Post a video on facebook
2) After posting right click the video you have just posted
3) click "Show video URL"
4) Copy the URL shown, then Paste it into your post

Now how to make your video run automatically in HD.
1) Go to the video you pasted in Facebook
2) Roll over the little gear icon in the bottom right of the video
2) Click "More Settings" then set "Video Default Quality" to "HD if Available" this will be in a drop down menu on the right.

These two videos were recorded by a Gopro Hero 4 Silver set on 1080 SuperView at 60 fps. Edited in Adobe Premiere CC 2015, the export format was H.264 .mp4 file, checking the box for "Use Maximum Render Quality". If any one has thoughts on getting sharper cleaner video using the equipment I have let me know.
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