1. B

    East Swell Australia

    This mornings line up
  2. Pie

    KTM Motocross - Scotland (2 Vids)

    Hi guys, A dry and non-blustery Saturday in the North East of Scotland so I charge up my 3 batteries on the Friday and arranged to meet my friend the next morning to grab some footage of him on his bike. If you rewind a few months, the KTM thing was one of my first planned shoots after getting...
  3. G

    Advice on quality and format

    Hey Guys. I'm looking for some help regarding quality and format. I've been shooting ProTune in 2.7 at 60fps. I import into Final Cut Pro. When I drag the clip into the timeline I get asked about what format I want to proceed. I have chosen to keep the setting as the original 2.7 at 60FPS with...
  4. Robert Ritzenthaler

    Flying on a cold day at Lake Michigan

    Flying on a cold day at Lake Michigan I am new at this site and new at posting things here. I think I am posting this in Photos and Videos, we will see where it shows up. Here is a video I took during my second flight. Looking forward to advancing my flying skills and having warmer sunnier...
  5. Pie

    Slains Castle Cliff Top Ruins - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Some reasonable Scottish weather today meant I had an opportunity to get in the air for another video. Took a trip up to a village called Cruden Bay to visit the cliff top ruins of Slains Castle - often cited as the inspiration for Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula.
  6. TheBasicPilot

    Solo at rest

    Here is a short video of Solo on the ground. I have my GP4 out on warranty exchange so I thought I would shoot a little on the ground with whatever I had handy.
  7. Chip Luck

    Home Made Leg Extentions : Solo now has some BALLS!

    Home made Solo's leg extensions completed, Solo now has some BALLS! Total cost, $4. I was at Wally World yesterday and had an idea, so I bought a bag of rubber golf practice balls, then I just went nut's with the design. I cut balls interior with an Exacto knife blade to insert 1/2" automotive...
  8. G

    New Pilot Footage

    This past week I've been learning how to fly, and film with the new Solo drone. It's been a big learning curve, with a few crashes and a lot of guidance from my brother! Here's my first piece: