Fatshark Transformer for FPV

Dec 25, 2016
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I recently purchased the fatshark transformer for a little fpv flying with my solo. The display has hdmi and supports 720p so I placed my order and patiently awaiting its arrival. I setup my solo and connected the headset and no image was detected. I verified my solo was working with my tv and I also connected my laptop to the transformer display and no luck. I contacted fatshark customer support and was informed they do not support the solo since 3dr is out of business. I have tried two different cables and have a third on order in hopes of getting this to work. Anyone have any ideas other than converting the hdmi output to RCA? I did try changing the resolution on the gopro down to 720p in hopes it might help with no luck.
Maybe this will help.

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Thanks, I was hoping to avoid going this route, especially since I have seen success with the Dominator V3 using HDMI.
Just to provide an update, I did find success using the hdmi to rca adapter route. This is not ideal by any means, I can say that Fatshark has been communicating with me daily since last week trying to get me going. They have a solo in shop and will be testing the setup to help us out. Overall the response from Fatshark has been beyond anything I could have expected. I'll keep you posted if the HDMI issue is resolved or narrowed.
What was your proceedure for connecting and start up? Was the Fatshark connecte and running before starting up the Solo Transmiter, or visa versa?
I was informed that you "Must" connect to the transmiitter before it is turned on or you will not see an output from it. (It apparently doens't recongize it has been connected to after it has gone through it's start up.
I may be in error here, but that was the information shared with me. Still waiting for my goggles so I haven't had opportunity to put to the test myself yet.
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