1. E

    Tower + Solo Mapping - Vehicle Heading Hold

    Howdy, maybe a silly question, but I can't find a way to keep my Solo pointing in the same direction during a survey mission planned using Tower. Is there a way to do this in Tower? I'm thinking of an option similar to "Heading Hold" in Mission Planner. Thanks, Peter
  2. Andy Tomczyk

    Tower Survey Missions

    I'm wondering how to change the flight path for Tower survey missions. I have done a number of missions and the flight path always runs North/South. I have a long rectangular section (E/W) and would like to run in this direction. I have my maps Cached on my tablet if that makes a difference...
  3. Ed Beck

    Tower and Yaw

    Does anyone KNOW how the Yaw parameter in Tower works? I've just spent the afternoon flying in squares setting the yaw parameter to different settings and I have no clue how it's figuring out which way to point the nose. I brought my little notepad and took lots of notes, and have no idea how...
  4. ivegotahaddock

    tower surveying, solo speed and picture rate

    sorry if this has been asked before, but I cannot seem to find this information. I'm new to tower but not to solo. when planning a survey mission, tower seems to calculate in the background the speed of the drone and how far between pictures that it triggers. however, I cannot seem to find...
  5. Ed Beck

    Using orthomosaic map in Tower or Mission Planner

    Let's say I go do a survey on that construction site I'm working at. I run the images through Drone Deploy or Pix4D to create an orthomosaic map. Also assume that I geotagged my images. Can I then use the orthomosaic map in Tower or Mission Planner? I'm asking because the construction site...
  6. M

    Tower closes after connecting to Solo?

    Hi, My issue is that once I want to connect Tower to Solo to conduct pre planned missions the application connects, shows the "arm" and "dronie" icons on left down corner and informs that flight mode is loiter, but shuts down immediately soon after. Taken from Solo app -> Settings -> System...
  7. Hawkeye88

    Tower Glossary

    Does anyone know where to get a glossary of terms for Tower? I know there's little documentation out there. Especially the parameters are voluminous and I just don't understand what they mean or if there's any benefit to understanding them. I would not dare change anything in the parameters...
  8. 5

    Tower--won't hold camera position and other strange behavior

    anyone seen either of these two when flying a mission in Tower? 1--during the flight the camera position will reset to default position (facing straight ahead level). 2--when transitioning to a new waypoint, Solo continues to point in the same direction as the last leg. When reaching the next...
  9. R

    Tower won't connect to Iris+ ... HELP!

    Okay... I have an IRIS+... flies great, but I'm a newbie at it. I have a Nexus tablet and the 3DR telemetry radio plugged in (correctly -- blue plug into bottom of tablet). Problem is, I tap Connect and nothing happens. The radio's LED flashes green with the occasional red blip. Iris is on and...
  10. Ed Beck

    Tower Survey: Climb in Place?

    I use Tower to create a survey mission, by default it seems to climb on its way to the first waypoint. Is there a way to tell it to climb to the survey altitude and then proceed to the first waypoint? The application for it is if I'm doing a survey in the middle of a forest and take off from a...
  11. SkyDoctor

    Anyone know how to use google Cardboard in the Tower app?

    When I connect the New version of the Tower app V3.2.1 to my Solo, the google cardboard icon appears at the bottom of the Video screen next to the camera and Video icons. However, when I tap the google cardboard icon the phone exits the Tower app and opens the google play store. This happens...
  12. Ed Beck

    Tower Structure Scan and Camera Angle

    Hi all, I want to test out structure scan on a short (2 - 3 story building) and I have a couple of questions. I appreciate any advice. What happens with the camera angle? If I configure structure scan to start at 200', make 4 steps of 25' each, will it control the gimblal angle? I never had...
  13. K

    Once you have cached mapbox maps inTower, how do you delete them?

    Howdy, Now that I've successfully cached Mapbox map tiles, how does one delete them when you no longer need them? I couls always uninstall the app, but that's a rather crude solution. Alternately, I could manually delete them if I knew where they lived, but I do not. Does anyone know where...
  14. perkele

    How to do Camera trigger in Tower?

    I have spent the weekend trying to do surveys. For some reason that I can't understand, there are no pictures taken. I can take pictures and videos manually with Tower by tapping the shutter button on the screen. The gear is Solo with gimbal and Gopro Hero4 black and Nexus 9. All softwares are...
  15. Kevin Cain

    Saving/loading waypoints in Tower?

    It would be really useful to export/import waypoints -- and even better to convert cable cam start and stop locations into waypoints. Is either possible?
  16. P

    Guided Scan - Follow me

    Has anyone used the "Guided Scan" follow me option in Tower or know what its function is? I have tried it and it seem to just hover right above me, much like the "Above" follow me option. I can't seem to find anything on this.
  17. Pogo

    How do you fly a tower mission in "negative" altitude?

    I want to plan a Tower mission by launching over a high cliff, flying past cliff face and then lowering to video side of cliff. Tower does not allow you to set negative altitude. If my launch point (on top of cliff) is 0 feet and I want my second way point (once I am over the cliff) to descend...
  18. N

    New Tower Tutorial

    I finally got around to making a tower tutorial. Its far from a complete guide but I did share everything I know and have tested. It includes the ever elusive method of actually putting Solo into autonomous mode which even the 3DR tower video skips. I also discuss region of interest, circle, and...
  19. Burkeam

    Adding new camera to Tower ? not working - NEED HELP

    Hopefully this is a quick one for someone with recent tower experience. I've been on - Index page FAQ · DroidPlanner/Tower Wiki · GitHub and google - I've tried everything I have found but cannot add a new camera to tower. I've been trying to add a new camera Tower and can't get...